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Company size (employees)30
Type of solutionService


edgescan provides continuous fullstack vulnerability management. Combining automation, delta analysis/pattern recognition and human intelligence it provides almost false positive free vulnerability intelligence across both cloud & web applications and hosting servers combined.
Clients can enjoy continuous testing to match agile methodology and testing on demand as required. Continuous asset profiling is also a proven solution giving clients instant visibility to what is deployed globally in seconds.
It provides alerting, rich metrics and a powerful a API and is used by some of the worlds largest gaming, medical and financial companies globally.

How we are different

* Only fullstack vulnerability management solution which detects vulnerabilities across the entire OSI model. Combining pattern matching, automation and human intelligence it can scale massively without sacrificing on accuracy and depth.

* edgescan is extremely cost effective and proves very easy to manage the security of systems both small and large at a global scale. It's continuous asset profiling is a great departure from traditional enterprise management approaches.

* edgescan can integrate with any GRC or bug tracking tool enabling a complete view of security posture in a single "pane of glass". It can auto generate WAF (firewall) rules for almost any make of firewall to enable rapid virtual patching.