Additional Info

Company size (employees)500 to 999
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


Egnyte enables organizations of all sizes to better protect and collaborate on their mission-critical data. The content security and governance platform has become particularly relevant amid high-profile data breaches, new data privacy regulations, and the shift to remote/hybrid work.

The Egnyte platform leverages the industry-leading AI engine to deliver a simple, secure, and vendor-neutral foundation for managing content across business applications, multi-cloud environments, and on-premises repositories. More than 17,000 organizations trust Egnyte to improve data security, facilitate compliance, detect and recover from ransomware threats, and boost employee productivity on any app, any cloud, anywhere.

The company stands at the intersection of two large market categories: data governance and content collaboration. The secure multi-cloud platform caters to high-performance and highly regulated industries, including Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC), Financial Services, and Life Sciences. It is also designed for the mid-market – where compliance, security, and collaboration must be automated and simplified for lean IT teams who can’t afford large enterprise security stacks.

How we are different

-Egnyte has a unique market offering since it’s at the convergence of collaboration and governance. The company was built on the principle of making it easy for any size organization or IT team to protect their data within the cloud no matter where they work. Egnyte also helps to address industry-specific needs, including large critical file sharing and low bandwidth working environments.

-As organizations struggle to manage the vast amounts of data they generate in today’s hybrid work environment, Egnyte has emerged as a valuable solution that can maximize the value of data while also securing it. Companies across disciplines can simply and securely manage a full spectrum of content risks, such as accidental data deletion and data exfiltration, all while giving business users the tools they need to work faster and smarter. One customer explained, “Egnyte is a reliable cloud-based storage platform that is easy for end users and provides a robust set of features that add value without compromising security…[it] solves the need for remote access to files for employees that work remotely or in different offices by eliminating the need for VPN access.”

-With Egnyte, organizations can also detect and recover from ransomware threats. Its Ransomware Protection solution can detect more than 2,000 ransomware signatures and automatically alert admins of the infected endpoint. Meanwhile, Egnyte’s Ransomware Recovery solution can “look back” at a file snapshot to determine exactly when ransomware infected a file and restore data to that particular point with a single click. This helps companies get operations back up and running more quickly than others should a ransomware attack occur, allowing for limited downtime. As an example, a North American-based AEC firm recovered from a ransomware attack in a matter of days vs. the average of more than three weeks by leveraging Egnyte.