Egnyte’s Data Governance Solution

Additional Info

Company size (employees)500 to 999
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


Egnyte stands at the intersection of two large market categories: data governance and content collaboration. As a result, its content collaboration tool has evolved into a powerful cloud content governance platform for high-performance and highly regulated industries, including Financial Services and Life Sciences. Egnyte is for the midmarket – where compliance, security, and collaboration must be automated and simplified for lean IT teams who can’t afford large enterprise security stacks.

Egnyte’s cloud-native cloud content governance platform leverages the industry-leading content AI engine to deliver a simple, secure, and vendor-neutral foundation for managing content across business applications, multi-cloud environments, and on-premises repositories. Egnyte’s unified content security, privacy, and compliance solution has become particularly relevant in the wake of recent, high-profile data breaches and new regulations, as well as the rapid shift to cloud work.

The all-in-one solution makes it simple and easy for IT leaders to manage and control a full spectrum of content risks, from accidental data deletion and data exfiltration, to regulatory compliance, privacy, and much more – all while giving business users the tools they need to work faster and smarter, from any cloud, any device, anywhere.

In 2021, Egnyte made many significant enhancements to its ever-expanding product set that will change how all organizations fight back against ransomware. Egnyte’s Ransomware Protection solution can detect more than 2,000 ransomware signatures and threats immediately, in addition to automatically alerting admins of the infected endpoint. Living in a world where remote work is the norm and new ransomware groups pop up daily, Egnyte made Ransomware Protection standard for all customers to keep their data safe at every level.

In this hybrid-work environment, Egnyte enables companies to gain 360-degree insight into their content, so they can make smarter decisions and respond to risks and opportunities across a wide variety of use cases.

How we are different

Egnyte has a unique offer compared to others in the market, being at the convergence of collaboration and governance. The Egnyte platform is a unified content security solution for mid-sized organizations with stringent security, privacy, and compliance requirements. Working closely with organizations in the Construction, Engineering, Life Sciences, Financial Services, Healthcare and other highly regulated industries, Egnyte helps each industry with their specific needs related to remote working conditions, large critical file sharing, low bandwidth working environments, and protecting high-value content.

Egnyte’s access governance capabilities outmatch those in the market. IT leaders and other administrators can audit how permissions to files and folders change over time, showcasing how information is being protected by the data owners. In addition, the ability to view permissions of folder, group, and user access allows organizations to see where sensitive information resides and who has access to it. Both items ultimately lead to a better view of an organization's most critical files and understanding how your team at large is sharing the information.

Egnyte’s privacy and compliance features help organizations to avoid fines and meet the most stringent global privacy requirements. Customers can automatically retrieve documents that contain PII about data subjects, which assists with requests for data and requests to be forgotten. Industry-specific regulations like FINRA and GxP or privacy standards like GDPR or CCPA are built into Egnyte with 500+ pre-built classification patterns that make it easy to identify what files contain the PII and data for each policy. In addition, Egnyte holds to industry standards for auditing, compliance management, and legal hold documents.