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Full packet data is the gold standard evidence for network security. But “always-on” packet capture hasn’t been as widely deployed as it should be. The main reasons are:
– Cost has historically put it out of reach of all but very large enterprises and industries – such as banking, government, military etc. – where it is deemed essential.
– Organizations often lack expertise in forensic packet analysis
– Difficulty managing large volumes of recorded data and finding packets-of-interest within it.

Endace’s open EndaceProbe Analytics Platform helps customers overcome these obstacles by cost-effectively recording full packet data and making it available to, and usable by, all the teams and tools that need it. This makes detecting, investigating and remediating security threats faster and more accurate and improves the productivity and efficiency of analysts by putting vital packet evidence at their fingertips.

EndaceProbes provide 100% accurate, always-on packet capture that can scale to 100 Gbps and beyond with petabytes of distributed storage sufficient for weeks to months of recorded history. Its open architecture lets customers integrate recorded packet capture into security and performance monitoring tools as well as host a wide range of solutions that need access to packet data (such as IDS/IPS, Firewalls, AI tools etc.). Integration allows analysts to go directly from alerts in their tools to the related packet history with a single click – dramatically streamlining and accelerating investigation and response.

Endace provides customers with affordable and reliable packet capture, an innovative plaform for security and performance monitoring, reduced operating costs, and deeper network visibility. As a technical director at a global systems integrator says: “Endace’s capabilities reduce the amount of time it takes to detect and analyze issues from days/hours to minutes and automates the network packet capture process seamlessly. This gives organizations back their people’s time, which is invaluable.”

How we are different

- Endace makes recording and accessing packet data affordable and efficient. By enabling customers to integrate this data into their existing tools packet history can be efficiently and quickly shared across the teams that need access to it – without requiring detailed forensic expertise to find packets of interest from within petabytes of data. By focusing on capturing packet data and working with 3rd-party solution vendors to integrate that data into their tools using an open platform architecture, Endace lets customers separate packet capture from monitoring and analysis functions. This lets them choose the best solutions to suit their needs without being locked into a single vendor’s solutions. Endace is the only “pure-play” vendor to offer this capability.

- The ability to host a wide range of commercial, open-source or custom-built solutions on the EndaceProbe lets enterprises simplify network infrastructure – sharing infrastructure across multiple teams to significantly reduce cost and consolidating multiple solutions onto a common platform to simplify network design. Customers can easily add or upgrade monitoring capability quickly and cost-effectively as needs evolve by simply deploying new solutions (from their preferred vendors) in software without having to rip-and-replace the underlying hardware.

- Endace’s community of Fusion Partners includes a who’s who of industry leaders: Palo Alto Networks, Cisco, IBM, Fortinet, Splunk, Gigamon, Keysight and many others (see full list at as well as open-source tools such as Wireshark, SNORT, Suricata, Zeek and others. This gives customers access to an ecosystem of integrated solutions that can all leverage the 100% accurate, shared source of full packet data that EndaceProbes record. Which is why Endace technology has been adopted by some of the world’s largest banks, governments, retailers, healthcare organizations, utilities and large enterprises, and why it is recommended by Endace’s Fusion partners.