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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)Endace
Company size (employees)50 to 99
Type of solutionHardware

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• The EndaceProbe Analytics Platform is the industry’s open packet capture platform, offering a full range of full packet capture and recording solutions, with zero packet loss, so enterprises of all sizes can capture, index and store a 100% accurate record of network traffic and activity and have a better picture of the entire network. NetOps, DevOps, SecOps, and IT Support teams can all share access to the definitive evidence they need to accelerate threat investigations and performance troubleshooting and can deploy analytics, on demand, quickly and cost-effectively.

• EndaceProbes are the industry’s only open network recording and analytics hosting platform, allowing enterprise teams to choose best-of-breed network security and performance monitoring tools from leading vendors without hardware lock-in, and enabling agile deployment of new capabilities to deal with emerging threats and evolving needs. Customers can consolidate traditionally hardware-based solutions onto a single, common platform, freeing up budget to extend visibility into more areas of the network.

• EndaceProbes provide hosting for a wide variety of network security and network management tools. Consolidating multiple analytics functions onto a common hardware platform enables closer collaboration between enterprise teams: increasing deployment success, reducing infrastructure costs, and allowing for faster and wider centralized search capabilities over the network.

Brief Overview

Enterprises are often forced to install and deploy multiple, different hardware-based security appliances and multiple difference security applications. This can cause a lack of full network visibility for SecOps and NetOps teams who must collaborate to investigate and respond to network security threats and performance issues.

Network recording allows teams to look for anomalies and investigate or hunt for threats using packet data that, unlike system logs, is immune to being tampered with. Network traffic often holds vital clues to attacks that have breached a network but have not yet inflicted damage.

The EndaceProbe™ Analytics Platform provides full packet capture and recording, with zero packet loss, allowing security teams to record, index, analyze and investigate a 100% accurate record of network activity.

EndaceProbes were designed to help organizations reduce network security appliance sprawl by providing a common hardware platform for capturing and recording full packet data. As the industry’s only open packet capture platform, EndaceProbes can host and integrate with network security and performance analytics tools from a wide range of vendors, as well as open-source tools or custom applications.

EndaceVision™, a browser-based traffic forensics tool, is integrated into every EndaceProbe, providing a wide range of visualizations to quickly isolate and examine packets relating to an incident–accelerating investigation and response to security threats.

This unique combination of full packet capture and application hosting on an open platform means a complete record of network activity can be recorded and analyzed. This evidence can be shared across all teams and tools, and analysts can go back in time analyze historical events rather than having to see everything in real time.

EndaceProbes provide a shared source of truth for the entire enterprise and a common hosting platform for the tools needed to secure the network from cyberattacks.