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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)Endace
Company size (employees)50 to 99
Type of solutionHardware

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• Prevention alone can’t keep your network safe; the EndaceProbe Analytics Platform is the industry’s only open packet capture platform and offers a full range of packet capture and recording solutions, with zero packet loss, so that enterprises and SoCs of all sizes can capture, index and store a 100% accurate record of network activity – and get irrefutable evidence needed to respond to and hunt for advanced persistent threats.

• By combining EndaceProbes with the tools and applications they use every day via Endace’s Fusion Partner program, customers can leverage network recording to significantly improve the security of their critical network infrastructure. Endace has created an ecosystem that delivers what customers are desperate for: better visibility, greater flexibility and agility, best-of-breed solutions, and dramatically improved ROI on their infrastructure spend.

• EndaceProbes provide a shared, untamperable source of truth for the entire enterprise and provide this much-needed common hosting platform for the tools that SecOps, NetOps, DevOps and IT teams require to secure the network from cyberattack, respond quickly to incidents and threats, and ensure the ongoing performance and reliability of the network and the applications that run on it.

Brief Overview

Protecting networks is not just about having strong defenses in situ, it’s also about having processes and tools in place to enable rapid incident investigation and response for hard-to-detect attacks. Enterprises need to accelerate incident investigation, analysis and response and make accurate conclusions about threats based on definitive evidence, to respond effectively.

Attackers have become highly sophisticated, often using multiple attack vectors to breach a network. They’re skillful at covering tracks by altering system logs and other evidence that may alert SecOps to their presence.

Network recording enables SecOps teams to analyze network activity for anomalies and hunt for threats using packet data that, unlike system logs and other evidence sources, is immune to being tampered with. Network traffic often holds the vital clues to attacks that have breached a network but have not yet inflicted damage.

The EndaceProbe™ Analytics Platform provides full packet capture and recording, with zero packet loss, on network links from 10Mbps to 100Gbps and beyond.

EndaceProbes are the industry’s only open packet capture platform, providing a common hardware layer that combines packet recording with the ability to host, and integrate with, third-party network security and monitoring solutions that need to analyze packet data.

Customers can host and/or integrate a wide range of third-party security and performance monitoring solutions with EndaceProbes, enabling SecOps and NetOps teams to go from alerts in any of their tools directly to the related packet history with a single click. This dramatically accelerates incident response and resolution increasing productivity and response accuracy.

Endace’s Fusion Partners such as Palo Alto Networks, Cisco, IBM, Splunk and many others (see endace.com/fusion-partners), leverage EndaceProbe’s integration and hosting to build network history into their tools, putting definitive packet-level forensics at the fingertips of their customers’ SecOps and NetOps teams.