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Company size (employees)50 to 99
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For more than two decades, Endace has specialized in high-speed, hardware-based packet capture technology. Ten years ago, the company launched the EndaceProbe™ Analytics Platform to help organizations reduce security appliance sprawl by providing a common hardware platform for capturing and recording full packet data and making it affordably and conveniently available to the teams and tools that need access to it.

The EndaceProbe is an open hardware platform that offers the same benefits to network security and management that virtualization has delivered to data centers: economies of scale, the ability to abstract functionality from underlying hardware, rapid deployment, and flexible resource management. EndaceProbes set industry benchmarks for price, performance and capacity and allow organizations to capture, index and store a 100% accurate record of network activity.

EndaceProbes combine accurate, highly scalable packet capture with the ability to host and integrate with both security and network or application performance monitoring solutions from a wide variety of vendors, unlocking freedom of choice and enabling a community of interoperability. Endace’s Fusion Partners include leading vendors such as Palo Alto Networks, Cisco, IBM, Splunk, Gigamon, Ixia and many others (a full list is available at

Solutions that can be hosted on, or integrated with, the EndaceProbe include SIEMs, network and application performance monitoring, intrusion detection, next generation firewalls, threat detection and AI/ML-based security, as well as open-source or custom-developed analytics solutions. The EndaceProbe’s open architecture allows for seamless integration of packet-level network history into best-of-breed solutions, providing customers with access to a definitive source of rich, packet-level forensic data for fast, accurate threat investigation and resolution.

Together with its Fusion Partners, Endace has created a community of interoperability – delivering on its promise to provide an open hardware platform incorporating innovative security and performance monitoring solutions for networks that are stretched to their limits.

How we are different

• Overcoming previous impediments to packet capture adoption, Endace has designed EndaceProbes to make capturing and accessing packet data affordable and efficient, allowing enterprises to do more with less, and facilitating rapid, accurate threat investigation and resolution.

• By consolidating multiple security analytics functions onto a common hardware platform, customers can substantially reduce CapEx and OpEx costs with the EndaceProbe. They can limit appliance sprawl, choose best-of-breed tools from leading vendors, and quickly deploy new capabilities to deal with emerging threats as their needs evolve -- all without needing to roll out new hardware.

• EndaceProbes provide hosting for a wide variety of network security and network management tools. Consolidating multiple analytics functions onto a common hardware platform enables closer collaboration between enterprise teams: increasing deployment success, reducing infrastructure costs, and allowing for faster and wider centralized search capabilities over the network. And with Endace’s API integration, analysts can go from an alert in their tools directly to the related packets with a single click: potentially reducing investigations from hours or days to just minutes.