Enso Security – Application Security Posture Management Platform

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CompanyEnso Security
Company size (employees)10 to 49
Type of solutionSoftware


Enso is the first security posture management solution (ASPM) in the field of application security, created by AppSec professionals for AppSec professionals. Enso’s founders have experienced first hand the challenges AppSec teams are facing. With this unique experience and perspective, we have created a platform that can answer AppSec teams real life pain points. The future of securing applications is not in tools that create more work and more reports, rather it is in the ability to automatically extract the relevant data from existing tools used by the organization and easily and efficiently manage, prioritize, and automate the actions needed without interfering with developers’ work.

Enso’s platform works in three steps:
1. Discover – Autonomously discover and profile applications, identify owners and technology.
2. Measure – Measure coverage and performance of application security controls.
3. Manage – Automate workflows to enforce a unified, sustainable AppSec policy across all assets.
As opposed to other current solutions that require massive implementation, agent deployment or inline products, Enso is a seamless plug and play platform that provides immediate value with an effortless setup. Enso makes integration frictionless without agents.

How we are different

ASPM - the first of its kind:
Enso introduces a new category to the cyber security world - ASPM (Application Security Posture Management). While there are a decent number of players in the traditional AppSec domain (AST scanning tools on one hand, and AST orchestration platforms on the other hand), Enso’s focus is on collecting the right data, performing a smart analysis, and enabling automatic enforcement in a one-stop-shop for AppSec teams. While other products act as data sources to the platform, Enso is the only management platform for AppSec professionals.

Holistic and defragmented - a management solution:
Armed with advanced data collection and correlation features, our platform is the only platform that manages static and dynamic assets side by side, and shows a breakdown of all AppSec efforts, from installing protection systems, to automating testing to human led activities - in a unified, contextualized, actionable view.

Asset management vs Defect management:
Our platform instruments an asset-first approach to application security posture management. ASPM is a continuous process that enables AppSec teams to deal with larger scale and complexity. It focuses on collecting data to reflect the point of view of security across all assets. The data collected includes rich information about the asset inventory and properly organized data on security activities including defect management. Our platform addresses defect management (however important) as part of a much larger problem.