Enterprise DLP that Works Platform

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CompanyGTB Technologies, Inc.
Company size (employees)50 to 100
Type of solutionSoftware


Traditional data leak prevention solutions are unable to accurately detect sensitive data when on premises, syncing up to cloud services, at the endpoint or even when off the grid.

These outdated DLP solutions depend on pattern matching algorithms or regular expressions, creating the dreaded false positive rate with thousands of irrelevant events, thus rendering DLP solutions to become expensive, broken toys.

Organizations need to accurately detect sensitive data. GTB’s patented DLP that Works platform is the only solution designed to solve the market limitation of false positive rates. GTB’s patented Intelligent Detection technologies protect data on the network and off, including cloud apps and the endpoint with virtually ZERO false positives for detecting structured and unstructured data.

Recent reports by 2 of the major independent research firms have rated GTB Technologies’ Enterprise DLP that Works Platform with the highest scores in:

• Intellectual Property Protection,
• Data Discovery,
• Data Classification,
• Cloud Coverage,
• Endpoint Protection
• Multi-language availability,
• Reporting,
• Risk Management,
• Customer Support,
• Favorable Pricing
• Content Aware Digital Rights Management (DRM / IRM)
• Deployment Distribution

Used by the Who’s Who of Global Organizations, GTB’s patented data protection solutions easily integrate into an organizations’ existing infrastructure without monopolizing resources or disturbing end-users. GTB’s Enterprise DLP that Works suite covers Network DLP, Endpoint DLP, Data Discovery with real-time data classification, Content Aware E-DRM, Cloud storage and application control.

Isn’t it time for you to be fully compliant with regulations such as PII, PHI, PCI, GLBA, HIPAA, HITECH, FERC/ NERC/ CEII, FERPA, FINRA, FISMA, ITAR, SOX, GDPR … Isn’t it time for you to be able to truly protect your Intellectual Property and trade secrets?

How we are different

1. The creator of DLP for Intellectual Property and Pioneer of DLP for Compliance

GTB Technologies DLP that Works Platform is the only Enterprise Data Leak Prevention (network DLP, endpoint DLP, data discovery with data classification & content aware e-DRM) solution (on-premises, off-premises and everywhere in between including the cloud), which can prevent the loss of data from Malware, Frenemies and trusted insiders by blocking sensitive data (structured or unstructured) for both file-less and files -regardless of file type, port or channel, in real-time with impeccable accuracy thus providing true cyber security and insider threat defense whether it be on premises, off premises, or in the cloud. Deployment options include on premises, in the cloud as an SaaS, or as a managed service (full or hybrid.)

2. Data Fingerprinting, OCR with Redaction, Native API-based Cloud storage integration and Native Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Decryption

GTB’s DLP that Works Platform is the only solution to accurately detect data in any language - including right to left languages, with unique abilities including native Optical Character Recognition (OCR) detection with Redaction for Network DLP, Endpoint DLP, Data Discovery with Data Classification and Content Aware Digital Rights Management.

3. Off Line Protection for both Unstructured & Structured Data (within files or file-less)

GTB’s DLP that Works platform is the only solution to offer Off-Line Fingerprint Detection which can accurately detect sensitive data off-line without a network connection and has the broadest platform coverage: Windows, Mac, Linux, Cloud apps, Cloud storage and CASB (Cloud Access Security Brokers)