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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Ericom is a cybersecurity company with two core offerings:

• Secure Application Access – Enables B2B clients to securely connect with corporate applications and resources through three current solutions: Ericom Connect, AccessNow, and PowerTerm. Ericom Connect, a first-generation Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) product for Windows/Linux applications, will become a general-purpose cloud-delivered SDP service (called Ericom Perimeter) by Q1 2020.

• Secure Web Access – Allows enterprise users to securely browse the web and access email links and attachments. Our remote browsing isolation (RBI) solution, Ericom Shield, keeps malware from reaching endpoints by executing web content in remote, isolated, cloud-based containers. A clean, interactive media stream representing the website is sent to a device’s browser, providing a safe, seamless, and fully-interactive user experience.

How we are different

• Ericom’s innovative RBI solution makes browsing the web completely safe. Even if a user clicks a URL in a phishing email or is lured to a malicious website, no malware can be delivered to the endpoint and login credentials can’t be stolen. By rejecting the traditional security approach used by firewalls and secure web gateways, which relies on the tools ability to first accurately detect a threat in order to then block it, Shield dramatically improves security. Existing tools are unable to keep up with the myriad versions of rapidly changing malware and, as a result, cannot reliably detect them. This allows hackers to gain access and move laterally within an enterprise’s IT infrastructure. The rapid market adoption of our technology is a testament to the effectiveness of our detectionless solution and its ability to stop today’s sophisticated zero-day email threats and continuously morphing malware.

• Ericom’s cloud-delivered services secure enterprises’ access to both the web and corporate applications. Cybercriminals are increasingly attacking security weaknesses that exist in the traditional web security and VPN tools governing web and application access. Not surprisingly, 42% of breaches in 2018 were initiated via the browser as an attack vector. Other vendors attempt to solve these security challenges with either a web access security solution using RBI or a remote application access security solution using virtualization or software defined access – but do not offer both. Ericom’s security services solve the complete range of secure access challenges for our customers.

• Triple digit year-over-year growth rate in the company’s cybersecurity portfolio.

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