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Company size (employees)100 - 499
Type of solutionHybrid


EventTracker technology is comprehensive and complete with modules for every facet of security monitoring. In addition to basic log management and advanced SIEM features, EventTracker also includes support for behavior anomaly detection, threat intelligence integration, correlation, alerting and flexible reporting. Modules for intrusion detection systems (IDS), vulnerability scanning, network and flow monitoring and now a deception framework are also available.

EventTracker is unique in the industry as a vendor that offers both best-in-class SIEM technology for self-service and a 24×7 SOC to provide a fully managed service. This is a critical differentiator because the skill shortage of experienced analysts is the leading cause of SIEM products becoming shelf-ware.

EventTracker is one of the only vendors in the industry to own both product and service delivery. Benefits include tight integration between the service delivery and development team and agile updates of new features to customers delivered by a dedicated analyst team

Businesses prefer to focus on their core functions—and those functions are never security monitoring or meeting regulatory compliance. SIEM Simplified, EventTracker’s 24×7 managed service offering is especially popular in the mid-market to provide options for platform administration, compliance monitoring and security monitoring and threat analysis. This allows buyers to achieve these important but often forgotten tasks while leveraging a world-class SOC, backed by a best-in-class product suite.

Purpose-built features to simplify compliance reporting with pre-built support for a large number of frameworks allows users to demonstrate compliance cost effectively.

Buyers can start with minimal features and grow as needed. As a software-only solution, EventTracker scales very well both up and down in granular increments.

Comprehensive product features, deep integration with a large number of log sources, and an easy-to-use interface are all factors in EventTracker receiving consistent industry accolades year-after-year, including a perfect 5-star rating in the SC Magazine SIEM review.

How we are different

• EventTracker provides a fast and demonstrable ROI within 9 months and helps save, on average, $100 per server per month in ongoing maintenance and operational costs. In addition, EventTracker has found that customers value the anecdotes and statistics that are provided in the daily reports and monthly reviews to demonstrate ROI to management—things such as how many attacks were repulsed by the firewalls, how many incidents were addressed by criticality, anecdotal evidence of an attack disrupted or misconfiguration detected.
• EventTracker addresses multiple requirements spanning compliance and security while providing tangible, demonstrable operational cost-savings. Benefits include: 1) in-depth protection of critical IT assets from both internal and external breaches, 2) compliance with multiple regulatory frameworks including Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, GLBA, etc., as well as support for evolving mandates and 3) cost-savings in the form of reduced dependence on existing resources, optimized operations, improved system availability and quick resolution of issues before they escalate into costly disruptions.
• EventTracker is unique in the industry as a vendor that offers both best-in-class SIEM technology for self-service and a 24x7 Security Operations Center to provide a fully managed service. Even a robust technology becomes useless if the humans managing it aren’t skilled or don’t have the time. Detection, response, prediction, continuous monitoring and analytics are the pillars of effective security management. Most small to medium-sized businesses lack the budget or in-house certified experts and skilled labor to monitor, identify and respond to potential attacks. EventTracker’s fully or co-managed SIEM service allows the enterprise to fully or co-source its monitoring and analysis to the certified and experienced analysts at the EventTracker Control Center, while maintaining control of their own data and network.