Everything Blockchain Inc, EB Control

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CompanyEverything Blockchain Inc.
Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionSoftware


EB Control offers a comprehensive framework for managing, accessing and sharing sensitive data and Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI). It delivers zero-trust data protection to any size business without the cost or expertise typically required to manage it. The platform safeguards data on an owner’s local device by creating a secure vault that provides a unique combination of features and functionality across the lifecycle of the data, including the ability to store, transport, or share data while maintaining total ownership and control. Data and files can be geo-fenced, time-fenced, and data rights management invoked so that data can be securely shared and controlled outside of your secure domain. EB Control’s application can be used on Windows, macOS, iOS and Android by using app.ebcontrol.io. EB Control provides users with the ability to:

• Control who can access your data.
• Use time-fencing to control when data can be accessed.
• Use geofencing to control where data can be accessed.
• Enforce how your data is accessed (DRM – no forward, copy, print or save)
• Revoke access at any time.

There is no need to define rules, manage keys, or understand how to code or encrypt. Data owners can easily and intuitively maintain control throughout their data’s life cycle: whether it’s on their device, in transit, or shared with others. EB Control’s zero knowledge architecture ensures data is never stored on or touches EBI Control’s servers and no one, not even EB Control, can view data without the owner’s permission.

Key Capabilities / Features

EB Control employs end-to-end encryption, multi-factor authentication, patented Transient Symmetric Key Technology and patented multi-factor geofencing, creating a fortified defense against unauthorized access and data breaches. EB Control’s zero trust approach emphasizes continuous verification, further decentralizes data control and reduces the risk of breaches while ensuring compliance with CUI requirements.

Uniquely, EB Control’s key management is completely automated, and decryption of sensitive data takes place on the user’s device, rather than the server, reducing the chances that a user’s data will be compromised. EB Control also removes the burden of cryptographic key management by generating unique keys that only exist at the time encryption takes place. By automating this responsibility, EB Control helps organizations avoid the laborious task of managing keys at scale, reducing noise, and better securing their data.

By using the application, organizations can easily decide what information they’d like to share through secure vaults, decide who they’d like to share that information with and control data even after it leaves the organization keeping organizational data safe all the way through the lifecycle.

EB Control can also be used on any browser allowing users to decrypt content without downloading the EB Control application, streamlining its usage. The requirement to download an application can be preventative and cumbersome for some. By removing this barrier, EB Control enables users to merge data security and privacy with agile convenience.

Additionally in 2023, EBI released EB Control 2.0, which included the following product enhancements:

- Refreshed interface and updated navigation that is user-friendly and intuitive.
- Security enhancements that separate user and administrative portals to prevent data from intermingling and provide enterprises with a heightened level of security.
- Clear and concise reporting for security teams including usage and access, encrypted and decrypted data, installations, new accounts, and active users.

How we are different

• Earlier this year, EBI added EB Control Enterprise to the EB Control platform, making EB Control the premier data security solution for any size company. EB Control Enterprise is specifically designed for enterprise systems and workflows. Leveraging the innovative EB Control platform, EB Control Enterprise features an updated centralized management portal, plugs into enterprise IT workflows such as Active Directory ADFS, and adds support for FIDO 2 and SAML. It enables system administrators to manage users at scale and set and enforce corporate encryption polices for sharing sensitive data. It also provides advanced chain of custody reporting, so organizations have greater visibility into who, where and how their data is being accessed.
• Feature rich, where it matters. EBI was recently granted approval for its multi-factor geofencing system for secure encryption and decryption patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This technology is an innovative component to the solution as it facilitates a secure data decryption process, initiated by a device’s request to a server, and followed by a QR code interaction between two devices. The process leverages geolocation validation, ensuring that the decryption only occurs within specified geographic bounds, adding an extra later of security to sensitive data transactions.
• Automatic cryptographic key management. With EB Control, unique keys are only generated at the time encryption takes place. By automating this responsibility, EB Control helps organizations avoid the laborious task of managing keys at scale, reducing noise, and better securing their data.