Excellence in Email Security by Graphus, a Kaseya Company

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Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
Type of solutionSoftware


Graphus, a Kaseya company, is an industry-leading, cloud email security solution. As a top-tier automated phishing defense platform, Graphus protects email users from cybercriminals posing as trusted contacts by automatically eliminating social engineering threats such as spear phishing, phishing, and business email fraud.

This is achieved through Graphus’ patented technology, which employs artificial intelligence to detect threats delivered via email and provides comprehensive protection against cyberattacks like Business Email Compromise (BEC), Account Takeover (ATO), identity spoofing, malware, and ransomware.

The Graphus solution provides three layers of defense for Microsoft Office 365 and Google Workplace emails:

TrustGraph® automatically detects and quarantines any malicious emails that break through an organization’s email security platform or existing Secure Email Gateway (SEG). TrustGraph® is constantly adapting to evolving threats and stops attacks before they ever reach end users, so they never interact with harmful messages.

EmployeeShield® alerts recipients of a potentially suspicious message by placing an interactive warning banner at the top that gives employees the ability to quarantine or mark the message as safe with a single click.

Phish911™ proactively quarantines suspicious emails for IT to investigate before an employee can be phished, and provides users with a more streamlined way to report suspected phishing attacks that may not have the Graphus EmployeeShield banner but still appear suspicious.

Additionally, the Graphus Insights Dashboard allows technicians to monitor for, investigate, and take action on detected threats in real-time. The reporting feature generates informative security metrics reports to be shared with customers and/or internal teams.

How we are different

Speed and Ease of Use via Automation: Graphus can be activated in under 30 minutes for half the cost of other solutions, through instant cloud-native deployment across an entire network without any email routing changes. It detects and blocks 99.9% of sophisticated email attacks. Once an administrator activates Graphus for their domain, it is automatically implemented for all user-accounts within that domain. Graphus also reduces the total IT ticket volume by integrating seamlessly into help desk operations through workflow automation, with ticketing platforms automatically creating a ticket when a phishing email is detected or reported. The solution’s intuitive and robust Graphus Insights Dashboard allows technicians to monitor for, investigate and take action on the detected threats in real-time.

Sophisticated Reporting: As social engineering attacks become increasingly sophisticated, human error can cause an organization to fall victim to a phishing attack. Graphus’ reporting feature generates informative security metrics reports and provides insights into the effectiveness of a company’s security, level of risks, attack types, and more. MSPs can share these findings with their customers, and internal IT teams can use them in security briefings with leadership.

Hybrid Work Benefits: Hybrid work is the new norm, and many businesses are even operating with fully remote employees. More than ever, organizations have a greater need for strong cybersecurity defense strategies and solutions to avoid devastating data breaches,financial consequences and reputation damage. With workers across countries and different time zones, Graphus’ ability to detect and report threats in real time helps organizations stay safe, even with threats occurring outside of normal hours.