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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionService


Expanse Expander provides automated, planetary-scale discovery, monitoring, and tracking of a company’s global Internet attack surface, identifying new, existing, and unknown assets both on their network and in the cloud. With a central, continuously updated, and complete view of their global Internet attack surface, Expander’s capabilities ensure that security and IT operations teams can confidently identify and protect a company’s Internet Assets. Expander’s complete outside-in view ensures that security exposures can be tracked and remediated, on-prem and in the cloud, to reduce risk, prevent data breaches, and stop ransomware attacks. This visibility enables tracking of assets and risk, workflows to reduce a company’s attack surface, dashboards to report on trends and progress, and integrations to fully operationalize this insight within their security ecosystem.

How we are different

● Expander has best-in-class attribution and routinely discovers more assets than any other service or solution. As part of its comprehensive indexing of the global Internet, Expander look at numerous data sources for attribution that competitors do not use. As substantial cloud footprints have become the norm for most organizations today, the ability of Expander to surface exposures across both known and unknown cloud accounts is critical for gathering threat intelligence. Virtually every other solution on the market that claims to do cloud asset discovery only does so by deploying sensors or agents on known accounts or leveraging APIs with known accounts, and thus does not uncover risks associated with shadow cloud infrastructure.
● In comparison to its competitors, Expander is an agentless solution that can provide instant time to value and deploy with solely the company name as a starting point. Expander provides enduring value by giving not just a point-in-time snapshot but rather an ongoing inventory of all Internet Assets.
● With exposures in Expander categorized as critical, warning, or routine, organizations are empowered to focus remediation efforts on the most critical exposures and enhance tactical plans around potential network intrusion via Internet Assets. Expander is the one source of truth for everything complex organizations own on the Internet, giving them the accuracy, speed and confidence they need to embrace digital transformation.