exploqii Security Awareness and Education Videos

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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)exploqii
Company size (employees)10 to 49
Type of solutionService

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- Everybody has 2 minutes, nobody has 20 minutes (or even more for "deadly boring" WBT's). exploqii videos are successful because they enable the user to learn basic facts within just 90-120 seconds. Associates are excited about our crisp micro-content formats and therefore use them voluntarily, one reason (among many others) why CISO's and CSO's decide for exploqii's digital content.

- A full and outstanding range of topics, available in any language desired and deployable across cultures globally - that is unique compared to other providers of video-based security and compliance education. The exploqii library is constantly updated and growing and geared to fight methods of attack and newly arising risks.

- exploqii videos are excellent value for money: A flat rate based license model that is NOT linked to the number of associates or based on usage allows to deploy exploqii videos within global organizations as well as medium sized companies without any limitations.

Learn more in this video: https://americas.exploqii.com/en/security

Brief Overview

Low risk awareness, a lack of knowledge or unintentional misconduct account for more than 50 per cent of losses for companies, institutions, their employees and customers. exploqii’s engaging cool-animation videos grab associate-attention and strengthen the HUMAN FIREWALL by inspiring positive behavior.

exploqii provides – besides the creation of bespoke animation videos – a multi-lingual library of just under 50 pre-produced 2-minute explanatory videos for Cyber-Security, Security, Data Privacy and Compliance. The videos will be personalized and branded for every single client and are used as stand-alone awareness-communication and education tool and/or as supplement to existing elearnings or class-room trainings.

exploqii videos are available via intranet, eLearning systems or secure-cloud (exploqii’s own video-on-demand-platform) and viewable on PC, Mac, Mobile Phones or Tablets – anytime and anywhere. Our films also include interactive learning features as an additional option.

exloqii is a leading explanatory video production company and content (Security & Compliance) service provider in Germany and Central Europe. We rate global companies i.e. MERCK, NOVARTIS, BAYER, BASF, VOLKSWAGEN, MUNICH RE and many others among our clients.

For years after the company started in January 2014 we have been making making a great leap across the Atlantic in 2017 where the focus will be marketing the exploqii library, the pre-produced video sets that have enjoyed a warm reception in the European market. Representative offices: New York (US) and Toronto (CA).