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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America


What makes a company the best? Is it the culture? The benefits? The leadership? The product? We believe it’s a combination.

It’s hard to build a fast-growth tech company while maintaining a strong culture and community. We credit the strong current of curiosity and passion that runs through every ExtraHopper as reasons for our success. In 2020, we’re adding compassion to that list as well. As we felt ourselves being stretched thin by the challenges of the year, ExtraHoppers have extended compassion to one another day-in and day-out.

The best companies have not just the best people, but also the best technology. In May 2020, we came together to ship a product update that we now consider one of our most important releases ever. The offering was the first of its kind: SaaS-delivered network detection and response. With the shift to remote work and a subsequent surge in cloud adoption, the need for speed, agility, and security in the cloud has never been greater. With our May release, it’s also never been easier.

We commissioned Forrester Research to conduct an Reveal(x) Total Economic Impact Study to determine the quantifiable impact that ExtraHop’s platform has on real customers. The study found that when security analysts use ExtraHop Reveal(x), they’re able to stop costly breaches 84% faster than before. When it comes to securing customer data and intellectual property, every second counts. The study also found that analysts who use Reveal(x) improve their time to solve unplanned network outages by 92% and time to troubleshoot applications by 50%. With higher fidelity detections, Reveal(x) allows understaffed security teams to focus on high-priority threats in order to maintain customer trust and business continuity. ExtraHop has a proven ROI of 165% with a payback period of less than three months.

How we are different

- Exceptional workplace culture, winner of 2020 Inc. Best Workplaces
- Differentiated product: first and only SaaS-delivered NDR
- Proven partner for customers, helping to stop breaches 84% faster and 165% ROI