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Company size (employees)500 to 999
Type of solutionHybrid


ExtraHop Reveal(x) provides cloud-native network detection and response for the hybrid enterprise. The breakthrough approach analyzes all network interactions in real time and applies advanced machine learning to help security operations practitioners investigate threats, ensure the delivery of critical applications, and protect investment in the cloud. Reveal(x) delivers real-time threat detection and response from the closest source of ground truth in the enterprise: the network.

ExtraHop is the first to combine automated discovery and asset classification of every asset and transaction on the network with cloud-based machine learning, anomaly detection and critical asset focus for high-fidelity, low volume alerts and zero false positives. Reveal(x) goes beyond detection to support incident response with contextual visualization, one-click access to forensic evidence, and simple integrations to automate and orchestrate rapid response.

At the core of Reveal(x) is analytics and machine learning technology that’s been tested in the most demanding enterprises to deliver complete situational intelligence and automated threat detection and investigation. Regardless of environment — from the data center, to cloud infrastructure and SaaS, to remote sites and device edges — all business transacts on the network, which is why ExtraHop leverages the network as the ultimate source of truth.

Machine learning technology detects anomalous behavior to discover threats as they’re happening, and analysts receive a triaged list that can be explored immediately through real-time access to forensic-quality data with analytics surveying the most critical assets first. Reveal(x) cuts investigation time from days to seconds, freeing up time for security analysts to focus on the threats that matter.

ExtraHop was founded with a bold vision: help enterprises rise above the noise of alerts, organizational silos, and runaway technology by giving security and IT teams the clarity, confidence, and agility they need to embrace the cloud-first future.

How we are different

Reveal(x) improves security analyst productivity through contextual discovery of the enterprise attack surface, full-spectrum detection, and one-click guided investigations for incident response. Advanced detections incorporate device and user context to identify known and unknown threats using an array of machine learning, rule-based, and custom techniques.

Reveal(x) is the only solution that delivers performance at the speed and scale of the enterprise. Reveal(x) uses stream processing to auto-discover and classify every transaction, flow, session, device, and asset in the enterprise — including data centers, cloud-hosted applications, remote branches, and IoT — at up to 100 Gbps and 1 Pb/day. Furthermore, ExtraHop's rich set of technical integrations and powerful REST API allow any SOC to act on this powerful data via enterprise case management and remediation programs.

By decoding 70+ enterprise protocols and decrypting SSL/TLS traffic, Reveal(x) delivers unmatched breadth, accuracy, and focus into all network transactions and enterprise operations. In real-time, Reveal(x) extracts 5000+ metrics from this data to power precise, machine learning-driven behavioral analysis. The depth and structure of ExtraHop’s wire data, in addition to packet capture, makes the platform unique in terms of the quality and breadth of data collected. Other entities see a limited set of disparate data sets or rely on logs that are vulnerable to tampering. This process yields high-fidelity alerts and rich records across the full sequence of any incident, reducing noise and keeping security teams focused on the riskiest threats.