ExtraHop Reveal(x) 360

Additional Info

Company size (employees)500 to 999
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


Securing the modern enterprise means protecting a complex web of workloads consisting of hardware, applications, and data spread across edge, core, remote workforce, and cloud deployments. As organizations expand their presence in the cloud they are also increasing their use of containerized deployments and experiencing challenges in maintaining visibility. With ExtraHop Reveal(x) 360, you can unify security controls across hybrid, multi-cloud, containerized and IoT environments with network detection and response (NDR)—truly cloud-native security.

ExtraHop Reveal(x) 360 uses network data to provide complete visibility, real-time detection, and intelligent response that is cloud-delivered, cloud-agnostic, and at cloud scale. ExtraHop’s approach analyzes all network interactions in real time and applies advanced machine learning to help SecOps investigate attacks, ensure the availability of critical applications, and secure investments in the cloud. Security teams can validate, triage, and establish root cause in hours instead of days. Enterprise integrations help accelerate and automate response, reducing the time spent resolving security threats by up to 84%.

SaaS-based Reveal(x) 360 provides unified security across on-premises and cloud environments, 360-degree visibility and situational intelligence without friction, and immediate value with a low management burden. Perimeter-focused security tools often rely on fixed agents or logs that can leave visibility gaps, miss critical threats, and add unnecessary friction to DevOps processes. SaaS-based Reveal(x) 360 leverages native integrations with cloud service provider packet mirroring features to provide agentless visibility, packet-level granularity, and security at scale.

How we are different

Exceptionally Fast Detection & Response. Reveal(x) 360 helps customers stop breaches 84% faster, and resolve threats with 59% less staff required. Reveal(x) 360 accelerates response by providing vital details within immediate view and more context around every detection. With a standard 90-days of transaction record lookback, investigators have the data they need to quickly and confidently understand the scope and impact of a security incident or breach. The scalable computing resources of the cloud for ML and AI is unique in the network detection and response (NDR) market. The sheer volume of data on which our AI learns makes our detections focused, precise, and uniquely reliable – as well as up to 84% faster.

Cloud-native: Reveal(x) 360 is the only cloud-native network detection and response solution, allowing users to gain visibility across their hybrid, on-premises, and remote/work-from-home systems and users in a single interface accessible through an internet browser. A cloud-based record store with 90-day lookback provides fully hosted and managed search for streamlined incident investigation.

Fills Security Talent Shortages: Reveal(x) 360 uses behavioral analysis rather than classical signatures, resulting in higher confidence detections and low-false positives. Reveal(x) 360 doesn’t require any agents to be installed on the systems it monitors, and does not consume network or compute resources, unlike logging or agent-based solutions. By providing relevant detail with context and machine learning systems, which cuts down on meaningless noise and false positives, Reveal(x) 360 frees up analysts from the time-heavy tasks burdened by other platforms.