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CompanyAyehu Inc.
Company size (employees)20 (and growing)
Type of solutionSoftware


eyeShare can automate cyber security incident response. In the past, simply setting up firewalls and employing monitoring software was enough to protect against potential security breaches. Today’s cyber criminals have evolved into a much more serious threat, though, by exploiting advanced technology to execute sophisticated, persistent attacks on their targets.

As a result, the number, complexity, and frequency of attacks have all far surpassed the capabilities of traditional human-based incident response strategies. eyeShare integrates with Industry-leading ITSM and SIEM and McAfee.Together, eyeShare & SIEM allow Security Operation Centers (SOCs) to automate multiple functions:

– Data enrichment about security incidents: eyeShare can collect relevant information about the context of the incident—which often must be integrated and correlated from multiple disparate systems—present it to SOC personnel for further analysis.
– Best practice responses 24/7/365: This ensures that the optimum incident response is executed no matter who’s on duty.
– Playbooks for numerous scenarios: These help maximize response speed, reducing or eliminating human error and ensuring proper documentation and notifications.
– Containment, eradication, and recovery: The scope of damage from breaches can be mitigated, and systems can be returned to an operational state as rapidly as possible.

*Ayehu recently named by Gartner as a 2016 Cool Vendor.

How we are different

1. Simple GUI to build workflows, without any scripting, programming, or coding required.
2. Agentless solution & Fast deployment
3. Rapidly & efficiently automating manual procedures, thus reducing labor requirements by up to 70%, and operational costs by up to 50%.