F-Secure Rapid Detection & Response

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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)F-Secure
Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
Type of solutionSoftware

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1) F-Secure’s proprietary Broad Context Detection™ technology makes understanding the scope of a targeted attack easy. The technology automatically places detections from behavioral events on the workstations and servers into a context visualized on a timeline. Real-time behavioral, reputational and big data analysis with machine learning in the background provide high fidelity alerts with broad context information and asset criticality, making incident response easier. High fidelity alerts in practice means that millions of raw data events captured every day, and thousands of suspicious events analysed by the real-time behavioral analysis would in other EDR systems raise individual alerts, but with F-Secure the Broad Context Detection™ reduces the number of alerts into just a few, and out of those there are very few false alarms, making it much easier to focus on responding to real threats.
2) Respond swiftly with guidance and automation to any attack. Built-in intelligence helps an organization’s team respond by following built-in intelligence and contextual guidance that lets them focus on real attacks, and outside business hours to leverage automated response that can stop attacks whenever the risk level is high enough.
3) Overcome your skill or resource gap by being always ready to respond to even the most advanced adversaries. For companies with limited in-house resources and expertise, F-Secure uniquely offers flexible alternatives to help any organization of any size respond decisively to targeted attacks. The options include a) manage EDR product on-site, b) have F-Secure’s threat hunters available on-demand directly through the product by using a built-in ‘Elevate to F-Secure’ service with 2 hour target SLA for response available around the clock, c) have a certified local service provider manage the EDR product as a service, or d) leverage F-Secure’s fully managed detection and response (MDR) service and consulting services to protect businesses from even the most advanced

Brief Overview

F-Secure is trusted to protect against the world’s most skilled cyber adversaries. Every customer using F-Secure has an expectation that they are safe and free to concentrate on running their business without the fear of losing their intellectual property.

F-Secure’s industry-leading EDR solution provides contextual visibility into advanced threats, enabling organisations to detect and respond to targeted attacks with automation and guidance. It is built on the premise that effective advanced threat detection capability requires a solution that can protect organisations with even limited cyber security skills and resources.

When a cyber attack occurs, customers need more than just a large number of individual alerts. To avoid alert fatigue and enable efficient response, they need to easily understand the broader context of the attack. F-Secure’s Broad Context Detection™ mechanisms provide the broad context needed to quickly stop the attack and provide actionable advice for further remediation, either automatically by the system or with built-in ‘Elevate to F-Secure’ expert service allowing to reach F-Secure’s cyber security specialist 24/7 for further guidance in case in-house skills or resources are not sufficient for investigating the attack and choosing the right approach to respond to the attack.

F-Secure’s EDR solution, F-Secure Rapid Detection & Response, is a key in providing advanced cyber security for businesses and monitoring the IT environment status and security, detecting breaches, targeted attacks and other advanced threats swiftly and responding with broader contextual visibility and intelligent response automation.

“F-Secure’s solution was really the first product in this area that seemed to meet our needs. It had the AI-driven technology to detect advanced threats based on data collected from our computers, while being practically invisible to the end user.”
Jari Hakala, ICT Manager, Koillis-Satakunnan Sähkö