Facilitating compliance with automated security auditing

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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)Tugboat Logic
Company size (employees)50 to 99
Type of solutionService

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â—Ź Tugboat Logic makes security and compliance accessible to every size organization, allowing small and mid-enterprise customers with very little infosec compliance experience to automate and manage their entire infosecurity program.
â—Ź Tugboat Logic acts as a system of record with technology to demystify and automate continuous compliance with industry standards and validate trust with their clients at scale.
â—Ź Powered by AI, Tugboat Logic automates infosecurity policy creation, audit readiness and security questionnaire response - for one or multiple products - so companies can gain trust and win more business.

Brief Overview

Tugboat Logic demystifies building a security policy for the first time by providing an assurance platform with integrated solutions that simplify and automate security operations. With this, emerging growth cloud-first and digitally-born companies can build compliance as an active asset within their organization. This gives clients—and potential clients—confidence that a business is both secure and has policies in place that will meet their needs, reducing sales friction. Tugboat Logic allows users to incorporate key elements of security operations, such as developing an infosecurity program, executing risk assessment, auditing IT infrastructure and building reporting channels to deliver proof of compliance.

Tugboat Logic’s Security Assurance Platform provides a current and accurate snapshot of an organization’s security and compliance posture, using automation and AI to lower operational costs and build value for InfoSec investments. With Tugboat Logic, businesses can more easily build trust and credibility with clients. The ability to track percentage completion controls and workflows through the audit process ensures the business can effectively and efficiently complete requirements. The platform also provides a client view so customers can easily audit security commitments. Users can build trust with clients by giving them access to security policies, what controls are in place and if they have been implemented.

Additionally, Tugboat Logic’s platform enables companies of all sizes to scale by providing them with the capabilities to efficiently build and prove a strong security posture, regardless of resource and budget constraints. Instead of falling flat-footed or shooting in the dark when it comes to meeting customer security requirements, users gain the ability to quickly get secure and prove it to customers.