Field Effect Incident Response Services

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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)Field Effect Software, Inc.
Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionSoftware

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--When a security incident happens, we are the team to call. Our Incident Response Services provide the expertise, technology, and dedicated support to quickly and effectively respond and recover from cyber security incidents. From suspicious activity on your network to devastating ransomware attacks, our IR services are designed to immediately and thoroughly identify, isolate, and remediate cyber security incidents — eliminating further impact and restoring operations as soon as possible. Through our proven experience in IR and forensics, coupled with our sophisticated threat monitoring and detection technologies, we enable you to rewind the clock and determine the origin of an attack — at the same time, preventing any rapid evolution of threat activity from the attack vectors used to compromise your network.

--We go the extra mile with every incident — from the time you contact us to after the issue has been resolved — responding quickly with a thorough investigation, efficient remediation, and recommendations to ensure it doesn’t happen again. Here is a quick look:
-Powerful analysis, detection, and remediation: In the first 24 hours, we use our Covalence threat detection technology to assess your network health, perform an analysis to determine vulnerabilities or risks, and begin remediation. Our sophisticated cross-domain monitoring capabilities identify malicious behavior and vulnerabilities across your entire IT environment.
-Support from elite analysts: We bring a proven track record defending some of the largest and most secure networks in the world. This provides a perspective into incidents that others may miss.
-Safer IT environments: We provide a smart path to recovery and improve your security health going forward.

--Following remediation, we offer easy-to-use threat monitoring, detection, and response technology for proactive protection. In addition, our IR Readiness Services help you put advance planning and processes in place to prepare for the unexpected, and minimize recovery costs.

Brief Overview

Field Effect’s Incident Response Services are the result of years of research and development by the brightest talents in the cyber security industry. Our leading-edge team of cyber security experts bring decades of experience securing complex, fast-changing security environments — we have lived the security challenges you need solved.

Raising the bar on Incident Response, we provide a full range of IR services to identify the cause of incidents, provide effective remediation and full recovery, and ensure business continuity. We also provide IR Readiness packages that help businesses put the strategies and processes in place to prepare for the unexpected.

With every incident, we help businesses understand the threats targeting their operations and offer guidance, recommendations, and access to easy-to-use, sophisticated monitoring, detection, and response technology to prevent future attacks and continually improve security.

Here are a few highlights of our IR Services:
–Cross-domain analysis & forensics: Our sophisticated cross-domain monitoring capabilities help you understand potentially malicious behavior across your entire IT network, identifying infections and vulnerabilities, or system misconfigurations such as open firewalls, that could impact your infrastructure.
–Security defense for cloud service breaches: We ensure your cloud services, including Office 365 and Amazon Web Services, are securely configured and operating safely.
–Malware analysis and remediation: We identify and restore systems affected with malware, including ransomware on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems, and provide analysis and remediation to understand how the system was infected and guidance to prevent similar incidents in the future.
–Phishing investigations: We protect your users and network from phishing with tools focused on understanding the process, procedures, and nuanced behaviours of these attacks. Identify what happened, whether other users on your network might be affected, and other network or endpoint security concerns.

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