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Company size (employees)25
Type of solutionSoftware


Designs, customer data, videos and contracts are at risk for data loss from unauthorized access, theft and cyber espionage. FinalCode helps prevent leakage from the moment a file is created or shared wherever it goes within and outside the organization. FinalCode encrypts files and sets permissions for specific use (open, edit, save, share, print, screenshot, revoke, remote delete). Should an unauthorized user attempt to access a file, FinalCode will automatically deny access and delete it. What you get is persistent DLP, inside and outside of the organization.

Important features and benefits:

• Provides DLP wherever files go with strong encryption; granular entitlement; traceability controls; ability to remotely delete files or change protection settings even after they have been shared
• Tracks and stores file activity, ensuring the organization meets regulatory compliance and, if needed, has the data for successful forensic investigations
• Authenticated recipients can open and fully use the secured file in the native application
• File owners and administrators can change policy dynamically, as well as view file activity and remotely delete the file
• Special features available in tightly integrated versions for Box and AutoCAD
• Advanced security policies that enable users to quickly add recipients to pre-defined corporate file security policy sets and streamline global policy management
• Dynamic provisioning, syncing and single sign-on (SSO) authentication through Windows Active Directory or multi-factor authentication via SAML 2.0 protocol
• Integrated Amazon Web Services (AWS) Key Management Service (KMS) support to allow FinalCode SaaS and virtual appliance customers to own and manage master keys through AWS
• Virtual appliance deployment that now supports Microsoft Hyper-V in addition to VMware ESX
• Database support for Microsoft SQL and Oracle DB
• Agnostic to an organization’s existing file storage, transport and collaboration infrastructure and enforces file security for external users at no additional cost—allowing for rapid deployment and cost-effective use
• Balances IT’s need for governance and the user’s need for convenience

How we are different

• Easy to implement and use, even for a small workgroup or company, without impacting the entire organization; FinalCode avoids the cost and complexity of traditional information rights management (IRM) solutions that are costly, tied to specific applications, require specific infrastructure to function, require enterprise-wide use and do not protect files once they are shared outside of the organization
• Provides DLP with conventional file sharing mechanisms, such as email and network shares, as well as new cloud- and mobile-based collaboration applications with protection against internal or external fraud, espionage, hacker activity, user negligence and human error
• Prevents data loss for sensitive information and IP in files with enterprise-grade file sharing security wherever they go, reducing the risks of file sharing and data protection regulatory obligations and liabilities, even when collaborating with partners, subcontractors, vendors and professional services firms, an ever-expanding aspect of compliance requirements