FireMon Lumeta CloudVisibility for Hybrid Enterprises

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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionSoftware


FireMon Lumeta CloudVisibility is comprehensive cloud visibility, security and anomaly detection for hybrid enterprises. Lumeta CloudVisibility is real-time infrastructure visibility, change monitoring and leak-path detection for enterprises in any phase of their cloud migration, regardless of cloud platform, for physical, virtual, software-defined, on-premise and hybrid environments.

Lumeta CloudVisibility is built for large enterprises that require seamless visibility of assets from Layer 2 to the cloud. Its features allow multi-cloud, multi-account visibility, central roll-up to security operations. Customers enjoy vital benefits, including:

100% hybrid cloud visibility: Lumeta CV delivers a holistic view across all physical and virtual cloud infrastructures, discovering, mapping and alerting to topology changes across the entire hybrid enterprise, including multi-cloud environments.

Real-time situational awareness and 100% blind-spot elimination: Lumeta CV provides real-time visibility into dynamic infrastructures including cloud, virtual, physical, software-defined network infrastructure, endpoints, and operational technology (OT)/Internet of Things (IoT).

Real-time breach detection: Threat intelligence feeds are made actionable, correlating active IP addresses against known threats as new threat data becomes available, and as new endpoints connect to the network.

Leak path identification: Real-time discovery and monitoring of every network element enables Lumeta CV to identify any new leak path – to the Internet, virtual private cloud, in between network-segmented, firewalled enclaves, or across IoT/OT environments.

Unique network summarization: Unique, patent-pending technology enables Lumeta CV to produce a comprehensive network summary. Through passive and active methods, a view of the entire infrastructure, including cloud instances and assets, is generated.

How we are different

• The shutting-down of such a vast swathe of potential vulnerabilities requires a new approach to cybersecurity: the Lumeta CloudVisibility approach. As part of a layered cybersecurity strategy, Lumeta CloudVisibility not only helps to eliminate visibility gaps and deliver strong IoT security, but also includes automated security response through integrations with existing cybersecurity infrastructure.

• While Lumeta CloudVisibility is optimized to counter today’s threats, its innovative architecture combined with FireMon’s continuous dedication to and investment in research and development, enterprises can advance Zero Trust initiatives armed with the tools to see, secure and manage their entire network.

• Armed with Lumeta CloudVisibility, security teams can ensure the right policies are applied to every asset, identify leak paths that are vulnerable to attack and easily identify suspicious network behavior. They can then achieve continuous security across their hybrid enterprise environment and be much more adept at managing change in the future.