Forescout – Best Cybersecurity Company

Additional Info

Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Forescout meets emerging cyber risk management needs of organizations around the world through major investments in platform innovations, research, and services for customers and the cybersecurity community at large.

In April 2022, Forescout launched its Continuum Platform – the world’s first automated cybersecurity solution for organizations’ entire digital terrains – to help organizations continuously identify and automatically mitigate cyber threats related to all types of vulnerable connected assets (IT, OT, IoT and IoMT). Forescout expands this platform’s capabilities through acquisitions such as CyberMDX and Cysiv, which enhanced overall device expertise and expanded automatic threat detection capabilities. Combining the visibility and automation capabilities of Forescout’s platform with the Cysiv platform’s cloud-native threat detection engine, enabled Forescout to create Continuum Timeline– a cloud-native SaaS platform and seamless extension of the Continuum Platform that provides enhanced, cloud-based data retention, search and historical analytics of all assets in an organization’s digital terrain.

Aside from platform innovations, Forescout’s research team, Vedere Labs, helps organizations stay ahead of threat scenarios through timely analysis and mitigation guidance for critical cyber threats impacting the larger cybersecurity community such as: OT insecure-by-design functions and 56 vulnerabilities affecting devices from major OT manufacturers (OT:ICEFALL); a proof-of-concept ransomware that exploits IoT devices to gain access to IT networks and move laterally to impact OT devices (R4IoT); and new vulnerabilities affecting hundreds of medical and IoT device models (Access:7). 

Recognizing the challenge of responding to the scale and speed of increasingly sophisticated attacks, Forescout launched a complimentary threat hunting service, Forescout Frontline, to help under-resourced organizations identify risks and develop risk mitigation strategies for risks that may otherwise go unnoticed. The company also rolled out Forescout Assist, an offering serving as an extension of an organization’s existing IT and security teams, providing organizations with 24/7 security monitoring, risk analysis and triage of connected asset threats.

How we are different

1. Platform Innovations/Acquisitions:
The Forescout Continuum Platform is the only platform that continuously identifies and automatically remediates risk from all cyber assets in the modern enterprise, including billions of IT, IoT, MIoT, and OT devices. It leads the industry by covering 250+ protocols (growing monthly) and is the only solution that can automate security policies to ensure continuous compliance of every connected device across an organization’s digital terrain. These capabilities save valuable time and manual attention, and put organizations in an excellent position to pass audits and avoid unnecessary budgetary complications. Acquisitions such as CyberMDX and Cysiv also enhance Forescout’s overall device expertise and automatic threat detection solutions.

2. Research/Services:
Forescout provides numerous resources to increase cyber threat visibility and provide mitigation steps for critical vulnerabilities and cyberattack scenarios impacting customers and the larger cybersecurity community alike. In 2022 this included one of the largest OT vulnerabilities disclosures and a proof-of-concept ransomware for the next level of ransomware attacks. Forescout launched multiple services in 2022 to combat the challenge of increasingly sophisticated threats against under-staffed and under-resourced security teams. This included Forescout Frontline– a complimentary threat hunting service to help under-resourced organizations defend against cyberattacks– and Forescout Assist, which serves as an extension of an organization’s existing IT and security teams to provide organizations with 24/7 security monitoring, risk analysis and triage of connected asset threats.

3. Company Growth:
Forescout continues to expand globally to enhance accessible and targeted resources in regions that have their own unique security needs. In 2022, Forescout propelled its EMEA expansion with a 40% increase in EMEA-based employees and the creation of a European Operations Center and central London EMEA HQ. Additionally, Forescout broadened its “Channel First” global expansion plans in the APJ region by appointing NEXTGEN to be its sole distributor in ANZ.