ForeScout Technologies

Additional Info
Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
Headquarters RegionNorth America


ForeScout has pioneered an agentless approach to network security to address the explosive growth of mobile computing, cloud computing, BYOD and IoT devices.

ForeScout offers a highly scalable, heterogeneous platform, providing enterprises and agencies with 100% device visibility and control of devices and endpoints as they connect. ForeScout’s technology continuously assesses, remediates and monitors devices, and works with disparate security tools to help accelerate incident response, break down silos, automate workflows, and optimize existing investments.

Traditional agent-based solutions miss unmanaged devices, thus causing gaps in the attack surface. A recent IDC survey found that our customers typically discover 24% more devices after deploying ForeScout’s solution.

ForeScout’s solution automatically grants policy-based access to people and devices without intrusive intervention and helps improve network stability by identifying and removing rogue infrastructure. Clearly identifying, categorizing and providing appropriate access to IoT devices limits the impact of breaches and helps detect abnormal behaviour.

The ForeScout platform also shares information with existing security products (NGFW, EDR, EPP, ATD, EMM, VA and SIEM) and OSs, allowing them to better assess risk and automatically remediate with actions such as quarantine, kill application, install patch, etc. The solution enables over 70 third-party systems to share data.

How we are different

Agentless. Greater visibility into devices connected to the network. Because our solution discovers the increasing proportion of IP-based devices that do not have agents, our end-customers have reported seeing up to 30-60% more devices on their networks than previously known. We provide increased visibility into devices regardless of their physical location – on-premises, in the public cloud, in corporate data centers, or branch offices.

Continuous visibility. Our solution sees devices when they connect to the network and at all times while connected.

Heterogeneous. Integrated across a heterogeneous environment. We integrate with a diverse group of systems and are not constrained by a single vendor dependency. Our ability to integrate with all major network infrastructures is particularly important as workloads move to the cloud and organizations utilize heterogeneous environments serviced by many vendors.