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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Data today is spread across clouds, data centers and applications and enterprise security teams struggle to keep pace with protecting that data, and complying with the proliferation of data privacy regulations globally.

Fortanix is the data-first multicloud security company. As the industry’s first and largest provider of confidential computing solutions, Fortanix decouples data security from infrastructure. Fortanix solutions empower organizations with centralized controls to secure data spread across clouds, applications, SaaS, databases, and data centers. Over a hundred enterprises worldwide, especially in privacy-sensitive industries like healthcare, fintech, financial services, government, and retail, trust Fortanix for cloud security and privacy.

Fortanix is the most complete Confidential Computing platform that is easy to consume and deploy, and provides integrated data security with encryption, multicloud key management and other unique capabilities regardless of where the data resides, and in any state…at rest, in motion, and in use.

Fortanix’s Data Security Manager Platform brings together Confidential AI and its newest Web3 offerings which improve the security of B2C wallets and the integrity of blockchain implementations by leveraging Confidential Computing. Fortanix has also fostered partnerships with Intel, Microsoft, AMD, NVIDIA and AWS to help enterprises globally and unleash the true potential of Confidential Computing.

Most recently, Fortanix closed its $90 million Series C funding round led by Goldman Sachs with participation from GiantLeap Capital as well as the existing investors, Foundation Capital, Intel Capital, Neotribe Ventures, and In-Q-Tel.

How we are different

Fortanix was founded five years ago, on the vision of Confidential Computing. Confidential computing protects applications and the sensitive data they process from unauthorized access and tampering at runtime, extending the security already in place for data at rest and in motion across the network. Today, Fortanix is the leader in the Confidential Computing market which is projected to grow to USD 54 billion by the year 2026, by analyst firm Everest Group. As the founder of Runtime Encryption (now being adopted as Confidential Computing) and an early member of the Confidential Computing Consortium, Fortanix is leading the charge for the future of data security. Traditional network security-led approaches have not been entirely successful in preventing data breaches and ransomware. Regulatory requirements have increased as have penalty amounts. The data-first approach to security advocated by Fortanix tackles this problem head-on by decoupling security from infrastructure, and provides an elegant way to secure data, wherever it is. It further allows organizations to credibly conform to privacy laws and regulatory requirements globally including GDPR, Schrems II, HIPAA, PCI, ITAR and several others.

Fortanix's innovative approach, backed by more than 25 patents, has resonated in the market. The company counts dozens of Fortune 500 companies as its customers, as well as several U.S. government agencies. The company experienced more than 522% growth over the past three years, placing it in the top quarter of the annual Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies in America for 2022.

Fortanix has had employee growth of 70% year-over-year to more than 225 employees and an expanded ecosystem of strategic partnerships that includes over 100 product integrations. More than 125 marquee global customers across major industries, including healthcare, banking, FSI, technology services, cloud providers, and federal agencies