Fortify Enterprise Networks with SOAR and AppViewX AUTOMATION+ Platform

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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)AppViewX Inc.
Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionSoftware

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• SECURITY MONITORING, AUTOMATION, AND TROUBLESHOOTING: With AUTOMATION+, you can give application and security operation teams a topology view of the network security infrastructure, get better insights into security health, state, status, utilization and performance; troubleshoot outages with views of the infrastructure delivering the application, and give end-users the ability to self-service and launch automation with user-friendly forms.

• OPTIMIZING NETWORK SECURITY INFRASTRUCTURE: AUTOMATION+ allows you to enforce how configuration and policy are introduced into the network security infrastructure and automate the process of how unused resources are returned back to the network security infrastructure. For example, for firewalls, you can enable common network firewall and web application firewall (WAF) service requests to be self-serviced by application and operation teams, enforce how firewall and WAF are instrumented into the network infrastructure, and abstract vendor or version changes from end-users requesting firewall and WAF services

• SECURITY POLICY AUTOMATION: AUTOMATION+ allows you to build custom, event-driven automation using pre-built tasks and workflows. You can integrate with ITSM tools for ticketing and governance or send email and Slack messages. Expose a catalog of service requests for network security management to enable self-service to automation workflows with user-friendly forms

Brief Overview

The proliferation of connected devices, accompanied by the sophistication of network technologies, has made network security the top priority for most enterprise CIOs. Networks are no longer confined to on-premises or a single cloud – enterprises use a variety of multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud networks to build the best infrastructure to support their applications. Manually managing network security is no longer an option in these scenarios – the slow, error-prone manual processes are giving way to automation as the only way to build and maintain secure enterprise networks.

SOAR – Security Orchestration, Automation and Response – is a concept where software acts as the enabler of network security by automating all its aspects: from data collection, to incident response, vulnerability management and remediation. AppViewX AUTOMATION+ helps enterprises defend against threats to their multi/hybrid-cloud networks. It provides an integrated SOAR system that transcends vendors and environments, gives enterprises a platform for implementing secure access with RBAC and multi-factor authorization, and offers a solution for detecting and remediating threats with advanced monitoring and data analysis.