Fortra™’s Data Security Solutions

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Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionSoftware


Protecting sensitive data wherever it travels requires a heavy lift. Fortra™’s Data Security Suite offers over 10,000 customers comprehensive data security solutions to protect data wherever it travels, particularly for mid-market and enterprise customers. Our suite can understand data via classification and discovery, govern it with data loss prevention technology, and protect it as it’s shared with secure file transfer, threat protection, and digital rights management.

While the initial understanding and governance of the data is crucial for data security, without a data-centric strategy for protecting data wherever it is shared and used, the previous investments cannot be fully leveraged. Legacy security tools protected networks and applications, with security building a limited perimeter. With the current reality of hybrid environments, remote work, and the proliferation of data, there is more data than ever before, being shared and accessed by more people in more locations.

Once data is labeled, protected from threats, and governed by internal security policies, with Fortra’s solutions, users don’t have to worry that protection will end the moment the file leaves the door. Fortra’s digital rights management gives organizations total control over their data wherever it’s shared or accessed. Protection follows the file externally with the option to secure, track, audit, and revoke access to an organization’s crown jewels – intellectual property, PII, and other sensitive data – at any time. File sharing is easy and efficient, so business can continue uninterrupted with recipients who have authorization to access the data.

How we are different

- Over 10,000 customers trust Fortra for comprehensive data-centric security including classification and discovery, data loss prevention, threat protection, and digital rights management.

- Working together, this modular platform extends security everywhere a file travels so customers get the most out of their ecosystem of cybersecurity investments.

- Protection travels with the file to prevent unauthorized access, help ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, and ultimately protect what’s most important to an organization