Forum Sentry API Security Gateway

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CompanyForum Systems
Company size (employees)20
Type of solutionHybrid


Identity is the most essential component of modern business enablement. Organizations depend on cloud technology, mobility, web portals and third-party integrations, and demand dynamic and agile access management capabilities for secure information sharing and data protection.

Unfortunately, identity management products are woefully lacking. They merely establish trust without validating and enforcing expected user behavior, and rely on inadequate hand-coded, open-source security technologies and heavyweight agents that are complex, costly and burdensome. Compounding matters, the fragmented landscape of identity management repositories, databases and schemas requires IT to unify identity capabilities to achieve Federation, SSO and access control – a vexing, cost-prohibitive architectural challenge.

Offering a scalable, code-free, agentless approach, the Forum Sentry API Security Gateway integrates security with identity processing for cost-effective identity and information assurance. Designed to consume the spectrum of identity and message formats while leveraging legacy infrastructure investments, Forum Sentry is the only complete “Federation-in-a Box” solution. Natively integrating with, augmenting and unifying any identity provider and repository, Forum Sentry simplifies Identity Federation and SSO through a powerful point-and-click policy engine.

The only NIST FIPS 140-2 Level 2 and NIAP Network Device Protection Profile certified gateway, Forum Sentry secures identity, identity repositories and accompanying user information at network boundaries. Forum Sentry supports and enforces several forms of multifactor authentication, including content-based, role-based and attribute-based access control. And unprecedented multicontext authentication capabilities enable enterprises and government organizations to achieve simple, secure Identity Federation and SSO.

Featuring industry-first, patented cryptographic acceleration of security processing, Forum Sentry serves as an information broker deployed as a logical API protecting applications and services. Architected on “security-first” design principles, Forum Sentry precludes clients from directly accessing application and services tiers. This unmatched level of security prevents identity compromise and enables SSO authentication and session management achievement – without required code changes or manipulation to backend systems.

How we are different

• Leading Technology: Forum Sentry’s multicontext authentication within encrypted and encoded payload capabilities represents the next generation of multifactor authentication. By combining authentication information in correlation with information within the request and/or response, Forum Sentry provides essential context critical to validating user behavior with exchanged information. Completing the trust model with multicontext analysis of the user and the data, Forum Sentry delivers simple, secure Federated Identity and SSO.

• Customer Traction: For over 15 years, Forum Systems’ products have been the security foundation in global network architectures. Notably, Forum Sentry processes and secures 10+ billion transactions per day for U.S. federal agencies, foreign governments/agencies and global enterprises. Synovus CTO Santosh Kokate explains his engagement with the company: “Our yearly recurring licensing fees for the existing agent-based IAM solution were accumulating to a million dollars each year. In addition, development costs to support that solution were also growing with every new application and service. By deploying Forum Sentry and replacing the existing solution, we were able to simplify the complexity of our architecture, move to an agentless model for IAM, identity federation and SSO, and furthermore save $1.5M in development costs, support and licensing.”

• Market Research Analyst Recognition: KuppingerCole Senior Analyst Matthias Reinwarth recently lauded Forum Sentry’s “inherent security architecture,” highlighting that “processing of identities and tokens is executed within the protected and certified security container without a possibility of compromising the identity data during its lifecycle or the individual identity repositories.” Further, Reinwarth emphasized Forum Systems’ “‘configuration instead of coding’ paradigm together with the appliance approach typically allows for a fast initial deployment with immediate results and minimal impact to existing systems.” And he noted with Forum Systems’ “truly integrative approach towards managing identities,” that “SSO and security can be strategically implemented without the need for agents being installed on target systems.”