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Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionEurope


Garrison addresses one of the most difficult cyber security dilemmas facing modern organizations: how to harness the immense benefit of the Internet, without being exposed to its risks.

Garrison has created an ultra-secure isolation technology allowing organisations around the world to restore the full benefits of the web. Users are safe from even the most sophisticated threats, able to click on links, browse the web and view files without risk.

Garrison has built a product so secure it is in use by some of the most sensitive government agencies, but scales to even the largest commercial enterprises. Garrison’s Silicon Assured Video Isolation technology (Garrison SAVI®) avoids the vulnerabilities inherent in today’s software technologies, with all data securely isolated, transformed and verified safe in dedicated hardware.

Garrison is leading the world in hardsec based security, with products that are not only delivering new security controls, but are themselves resilient to attack. Raising the bar by delivering security previously unseen in the commercial world, Garrison’s unique approach to turning all untrusted data to guaranteed safe streams will help usher in a new era of lower cost, maintainable and future-proof secure IT.

Garrison has undergone many man-years of independent security assurance testing by numerous independent groups, including many governments and is recognised as a Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum.

How we are different

- THREAT ELIMINATION VS THREAT DETECTION: Detection alone is failing to keep up with attackers – as evidenced by a decade of increased spend, attack frequency and impact. Garrison treats all data as untrusted, isolating and transforming it to guaranteed safe formats and then independently verifying them..
- LEADING THE HARDSEC CHARGE: Garrison is at the forefront of a new wave of security technology. Hardsec is a novel pattern emerging that addresses a fundamental flaw in today’s IT architectures. Today’s asymmetry in cyberspace comes from the inability to secure the ultra-complex software-based IT solutions. With millions of lines of code involved in running any application, vulnerabilities are inevitable and frequent. Today’s security controls then sit on top of this stack of vulnerabilities – impossibly trying to secure the layers below. We are building castles on foundations of sand. Garrison replaces these foundations with hardware-based controls that are ‘too stubborn to hack’.
- ASSURANCE: Overblown claims and marketing hype –are putting the cybersecurity industry’s reputation at risk. By contrast, Garrison’s security is validated by many man-years of testing by governments and commercial assurance teams across the globe.