Get visibility for your key infrastructure in the cloud with AppViewX CERT+

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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)AppViewX Inc.
Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionSoftware

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• COMPLETE VISIBILITY THROUGH DISCOVERY AND INVENTORY: With AppViewX CERT+, organizations can discover keys from multi-vendor, hybrid network infrastructures – like servers, ADCs, client devices, cloud instances and VMs – on an on-demand basis. Once the keys are discovered, they are stored in a repository that gives enterprises centralized visibility of all SSH keys across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

• FLEXIBLE IMPLEMENTATION: AppViewX is one of the few players in the market that is built on a modular, microservices-based architecture that allows flexibility and upward scalability without the need for extensive background work to accommodate changes. It can be configured to be a part of any infrastructure and environments – on-premise, cloud-hosted, or hybrid.

• SEAMLESS AUTOMATION: AppViewX seamlessly combines a certificate lifecycle management platform with an automation engine, allowing not only for control over PKI, but also end-to-end automation of certificate and key lifecycles, making it a unique and innovative solution for the enterprise.

Brief Overview

SSH key management manually or on a spreadsheet can be both tedious and time-consuming. And, with the increased adoption of hybrid and multi-cloud environments, most organizations don’t even know how many SSH keys, PGP keys, and asymmetric keys guard their critical network infrastructure.

Even with the help of the cloud vendor’s console, there’s no simple way to centralize SSH access visibility across all your critical devices, which poses a serious threat to an organization’s security posture. Each cloud vendor – whether it be AWS, Google Cloud Platform or Microsoft Azure – allows you to generate a new key pair or import an existing key pair from your inventory. However, they fundamentally differ in the way they manage the addition of users and SSH access in the cloud, offering no consistency and end-to-end visibility into the entire PKI lifecycle.

AppViewX CERT+ is an SSH key lifecycle management and automation platform that can help enterprises establish centralized visibility of all SSH keys (both on-prem and in the cloud), enforce secure key management and also proactively mitigate persistent threats through automated SSH key rotation. AppViewX CERT+ consolidates all certificate and key operations into the single-pane-of-glass, and provides PKI personnel with detailed visibility and control over PKI. AppViewX CERT+ offers an automation engine which not only automates linear tasks such as certificate installations, but also stitches together various cybersecurity tools from leading vendors to deliver an end-to-end automation experience. With AppViewX, users can control the entire certificate lifecycle, from certificate discovery, CSR generation, renewals, enrollment, installations, revocations, and monitoring with the click of a button. By automating critical certificate operations and providing full visibility over PKI across multiple clouds, CA vendors and device types, AppViewX serves to eliminate certificate-related outages and manual error, improving organizations’ security posture.