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CompanyGFI Software
Company size (employees)250
Type of solutionSoftware


GFI LanGuard is a specialized tool for IT managers, used for vulnerability assesment, patch management and network auditing. GFI LanGuard 12 brings increased scalability, and has been successfully tested in IT environments with over 60,000 workstations, laptops and servers. Customers with such large networks can now install multiple GFI LanGuard instances and enjoy the convenience of centralized monitoring and reporting through a brand new, web-based console, accessible via secure protocols from any location or device, using all major browsers. The newly designed and developed web dashboard is accessible by multiple users, so more administrators from different locations can now monitor and manage large IT environments, making sure that their infrastructure is always up-to-date and protected properly.

How we are different

- GFI LanGuard is a product that brings simplified vulnerability assesment and patch management to IT managers.
- The latest version of GFI LanGuard brings significantly increased scalability, allowing simplified management of the most complex IT environments.
- GFI LanGuard is a well-known and trusted product by thousands of users worldwide, and has been on the market for almost two decades.