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Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionNorth America

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•GigaCloud provides the benefits of encryption plus the ability for authors to control the use of assets—even after they have been delivered and opened. It meets enterprise document security requirements for external cloud-based file sync and sharing integration services including Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive and secure document management systems such as SharePoint®. It also enables secure anyone-to-anyone collaboration with persistently protected content, keeping sensitive data private with the security protection invoked staying with the content. System administrators can be alerted of potential security breaches as Data Overwatch analytics provide tracking, monitoring and compliance reporting.

•GigaCloud focuses on securing the documents, rather than securing the perimeter. GigaCloud addresses two major scenarios for security problems inside an enterprise: information going out, and hackers coming in. Whether confidential information is sent out from the enterprise, without being properly protected (i.e. encrypted), or enterprises are hacked and the data is subsequently breached, GigaCloud ensures confidential documents are protected even if perimeter security is penetrated.

•GigaTrust focuses on filling in the features and capabilities that Microsoft does not provide, including the protection of Adobe PDF files on the desktop as well as text and image files rendered in native applications, IMAP email support and Android, and iOS Apps that protect and consume protected content with granular rights.

Brief Overview

With the increase in data breaches, enterprises are investing millions in various solutions to address multiple use cases, and organizations often struggle with piecing together disparate security solutions to protect their universe of documents. GigaCloud, launched by GigaTrust in March 2017, addresses these challenges – it is the first and only secure email and document protection, consumption and collaboration service backed by cloud infrastructure and a complete security ecosystem. The GigaCloud service delivers the encrypted email and document protection that organizations and government entities need; in the configuration that works best for them. GigaCloud balances the need for collaboration, with enterprise security and control to protect information against breaches, non-compliance, and intellectual property theft from any mobile or desktop device. With the average cost of a data breach totaling $141 per record, investing in security upfront can end up saving organizations money down the line and help them meet corporate budgetary expectations.

In October 2017, GigaTrust built on the success of GigaCloud with the release of the “community of interest” deployment option for GigaCloud, in partnership with Forcepoint and ICM. GigaTrust is now addressing specific vertical industry customer demand for a secure document collaboration solution that allows organizations with a shared interest – including government suppliers, healthcare organizations and financial services companies such as banks– to share information with one another safely and securely, allowing them to maintain compliance and simplify business processes. GigaCloud facilitates secure document and email collaboration from any device including PCs, Android and iOS smartphones and with many file storage systems.

GigaTrust counts among its customers more than 250 companies in the Fortune 2000, who rely on GigaTrust’s solution to provide secure email and document collaboration services anytime, on any device and any platform with real-time data analytics, reporting and administrative tools.