GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer

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Brief Overview

Our goal was to create a rock-solid product that would change the way people send data…for the better.

With GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer, IT administrators worldwide are finally able to eliminate manual scripts for file transfers, saving valuable time and money. While GoAnywhere MFT is best known for simplifying and securing file transfer processes, the myriad of useful features including detailed auditing and cloud-free file sharing and collaboration make it unlike anything else in today’s market.

GoAnywhere MFT is an all-in-one solution for securing and automating data transfers, streamlining processes and allowing collaboration and file sharing without the cloud. Enterprise-ready and easy to deploy, the browser-based interface makes the process of sending, automating and auditing file transfers simple, easy and reliable.

GoAnywhere MFT provides file encryption at rest and in motion using popular encryption technologies such as AES and Open PGP. Protocols supported include SFTP, FTPS, AS2, HTTPS and more. The robust reporting module provides crucial and detailed audit information for compliance with PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX, state privacy laws and regulations.

The product can be licensed with a variety of modules. GoDrive is an on-premise EFSS (Enterprise File Sync and Sharing) solution for admins who want Dropbox-like sharing capabilities within their own server environment. Secure Mail allows for secure and trackable ad hoc file transfers via an email link and Secure Folders allows for monitored file sharing among employees and trading partners.

With GoAnywhere MFT, IT administrators and non-programmers can create, secure, execute and monitor file transfer projects of all sizes without having to write a single script or line of code. The multi-platform compatibility and affordable price have made GoAnywhere MFT a favorite among IT professionals.

• Simplifies, Encrypts and Automates File Transfers
• Enterprise-ready and Scalable
• Detailed Reporting for Compliance
• Multi-platform
• Affordable and User-friendly