Gospel Technology Enterprise Data Security Platform

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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)Gospel Technology
Company size (employees)10 to 49
Type of solutionSoftware

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• The Gospel Technology Secure Data Platform allows for the creation of a perimeterless security infrastructure containing one version of data truth across multiple parties through its private permissioned blockchain consensus mechanism. Unlike other distributed ledger technologies, Gospel Technology maintain an immutable record of all attempts, reads and writes to the data, natively providing a higher level of data management, mitigating the risk of data breaches by dramatically reducing the well-known lags between initial data misuse, identification and response.

• Granular contextual access controls allow suppliers to securely collaborate with each other without the need to share data over insecure methods. Gospel Technology have ensured that only authorised individuals and/or applications can access requested data, and that the level of data being accessed is appropriate to their role/responsibility. There is not always the need to provide a full dataset when the role of the user only requires subsets to complete their task. Granular contextual access controls allow for only relevant data to be displayed, reducing security risks, manual processes and unnecessary costs.

• Gospel Technology provides an out of the box solution that can plug into and enhance existing applications. The platform does not require the client to move to a remote/disparate architecture but evolve their current on-premises/cloud/hybrid infrastructure. Our development approach has ensured that our clients can unite existing and new data sources securely without disrupting current operational processes and can then easily scale upwards. All of Gospel Technology’s differentiation delivers business benefits to our customer, maximising the control and visibility of the data usage across their organisational operations.

Brief Overview

The Gospel Technology Secure Data Platform uses a private permissioned blockchain to create a perimeterless security infrastructure. This allows organisations to retain control of their data once it is shared externally or internally, providing access to individuals or groups based on their credentials. This enterprise data security platform creates a fabric of trust for secure data collaboration – both between employees within the enterprise (intra-enterprise) and between enterprises and partnerships (inter-enterprise) – improving business agility and collaboration possibilities.

The platform has been described by the analyst firm, IDC as “the first practical enterprise application of blockchain.” The platform can be easily integrated to compliment existing business’s IT infrastructure and processes, providing organisations with a route to quickly overcome security challenges by providing them with a single, secure collaborative data environment.

The Gospel Technology Secure Data Platform includes its own private, permissioned distributed ledger, data-ingestion engine, data protection cryptography and external application triggering (aka. Smart Contract). Introducing a new, scalable way of accessing, controlling and securing data among numerous parties. This allows timely, trusted access to critical data (across its entire usage lifecycle) enabling internal and external functions to collaborate with absolute confidence in the security, integrity and validity of data, providing complete trust in an untrusted environment.

Earlier this year Gospel Technology secured £5 million in funding from Salesforce Ventures and IA Ventures, making it Salesforce’s first blockchain investment for the venture capital firm.