GreatHorn Inbound Email Security

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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)GreatHorn
Company size (employees)10 to 49
Type of solutionSoftware

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GreatHorn is the first truly cloud-native email security platform on the market, powered by a patented threat detection engine to stop today’s most sophisticated emerging threats.

Named a Gartner Cool Vendor in 2017 for its approach, GreatHorn combines the power of data to identify attacks -- with over 10 terabytes of real-world threat analytics uniquely available to the GreatHorn analysis engine -- with a post-delivery model for threat remediation that significantly reduces the amount of effort required to address attacks.

Unlike legacy gateways, this model allows for a more fine-tuned response strategy for customers, ranging from traditional quarantine/deletion of threats and blocking of malicious files and URLs to a modern “real-time training” mechanism for rewriting messages and alerting users to risks across all devices and endpoints, in real time and without requiring the use of any software or agents.

Brief Overview

GreatHorn is next generation email security for modern cloud communications infrastructure.

Legacy vendors (secure email gateways or SEGs) have failed to keep pace with today’s threats and relying on a perimeter-based technology. This outdated approach introduces considerable deliverability and compliance risks and cannot accurately handle payload-free phishing attempts or provide comprehensive incident response for security teams.

GreatHorn’s approach is different: by leveraging a cloud-first, cloud-native technical architecture, it uniquely offers organizations comprehensive protection — both pre- and post-delivery — without requiring modification to existing mail infrastructure. The solution couples a powerful automation engine (driving down manual remediation efforts) with best-in-class protection from business email compromise, credential theft, malware, ransomware, and fraud.

Any modern cybersecurity platform that addresses phishing and social engineering must do so in a way that is fundamentally automated to help resource-strapped IT and security teams. The average enterprise receives about 3,680 phishing emails per week which makes manually identifying and remediating all of these threats manually impossible. GreatHorn’s solution offers enterprises the first and largest machine learning-driven email security platform, drawing on hundreds of millions of uniquely analyzed messages and threat data points from the GreatHorn Data Cloud to drive down time to threat detection and response in modern cloud-based email environments. Through a combination of policy-driven detection and automated threat response capabilities, the company’s solution analyzes billions of emails annually, protecting companies against highly targeted email attacks.

To further reduce the administrative burden on enterprise IT teams, GreatHorn integrates directly with cloud mail services like Office 365 and G Suite. This means the solution can be deployed in just 15 minutes, rather than days or months, and provide continuous protection without making changes to MX records. The solution’s cloud-native architecture eliminates the risk of email downtime or deliverability delays.