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Company size (employees)9
Type of solutionSoftware


Highly targeted attacks on cloud email, chat, and collaboration tools are responsible for more than 90% of all data breaches, and business email compromise attacks have caused $3.1B in damages since 2014 – yet cloud providers and legacy security tools do not detect or stop these advanced social engineering attacks.

GreatHorn helps companies communicate with confidence by securing platforms like Google for Work, Office 365, and Slack. Built on a foundation of unique intelligence, automation, and cloud-native technology, GreatHorn deploys in minutes, reducing risk and simplifying compliance through a combination of realtime monitoring and policy-driven response.

Unlike perimeter-based tools, cumbersome training, or difficult-to-manage gateways, GreatHorn provides automatic feedback and response to highly targeted attacks, including CEO spoofing, fraudulent wire transfers, PII and IP theft, and other forms of deceptive message-based threat. 

GreatHorn’s product has already gained traction with Fortune 500 companies, and the company announced a partnership with Microsoft; Entrepreneur-in-Residence Tereza Nemessanyi has stated that “GreatHorn’s combination of world-class security and easy deployment – often taking under 15 minutes to go live – is a natural fit with Office 365 and Azure, and we’re very excited to be working with them to continue to build on the superior security offerings Microsoft provides to its customers.”

How we are different

•GreatHorn has architected a new way of securing digital business communication channels, rethinking traditional email security from the ground up. Their product doesn’t alter email MX pathways, so an organization’s security team always has control and oversight of their communications, and because its automated protection runs continuously, no special security policies are required. Its streamlined, intuitive interface provides a simple dashboard that tells security professionals exactly what they need to know at the moment, and its custom search functionality enables easy and powerful analysis and reporting. By using automated data science techniques to assess trust directly at the moment of user interaction within these platforms – rather than attempting to block malicious attacks at the perimeter – GreatHorn has established a modern, autonomic, confidence-enabling model for businesses that have or will shortly embrace cloud technologies for their core business applications.

•With a team of 9, the company has grown revenues by 162% in 2016 alone, and its patent-pending detection algorithms have analyzed over 3 terabytes of emails across hundreds of millions of messages and hundreds of thousands of user mailboxes in the past 6 months. Fast-growing financial services, healthcare and technology companies have come on board as clients; notable enterprises that use GreatHorn include Medallia, Hersha Management, Digital Ocean, Charity: Water, and Minuteman Health.

•GreatHorn helps organizations secure their communications across multiple channels, not just email: the product also integrates with popular ChatOps tools like Slack and Google Hangouts. The company is committed to continuously expanding into other communications platforms and helping enterprises stay ahead of hackers and prevent breaches.