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Company size (employees)21
Headquarters RegionNorth America


GreyCastle Security is a leading service provider dedicated exclusively to cybersecurity and the practical management of cybersecurity risks. Our company was established to counter rapidly evolving cyber threats and to deliver cybersecurity solutions effectively, practically and continuously.

GreyCastle Security provides Risk Assessment, Awareness, Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing, ISO and Incident Response services to businesses throughout North America. Our team is comprised solely of certified professionals and former security officers who bring a client perspective to everything that they do.

Having the best talent in the area allows GreyCastle Security to be the cybersecurity pioneer company in New York State. Our employees encompass the thought leadership needed to drive four consecutive years of triple-digit revenue growth.

In just the last year alone, one of GreyCastle Security’s founders was listed as a top executive in Albany’s Business Journal, GreyCastle was named one the Best Places to Work and was listed one Albany Business Journal’s inaugural cybersecurity list with a featured article from company CEO.

How we are different

* This company deserves recognition for their thought leadership. As GreyCastle employs multiple nationally recognized speakers, GreyCastle Security devotes 100% of their business to cybersecurity consulting services for the betterment of their clients. Each October, during National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM), GreyCastle Security holds their annual symposium promoting cybersecurity awareness and collaboration. GreyCastle Security is committed to not selling any hardware or software as cybersecurity's problems stem from people and processes.

* GreyCastle Security is closing in on its fifth consecutive year of triple digit revenue and employee growth and just opened their second office in Rochester, NY.

* GreyCastle Security has been featured in tier one media sources (ABC, NBC, Forbes, Time) due to their thought leadership and their message.