GreyNoise Intelligence

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Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionNorth America


GreyNoise is a cybersecurity company that offers threat intelligence data to make security teams more efficient by reducing the volume of noisy alerts. By collecting and analyzing data from a global sensor network and other sources across the internet, GreyNoise helps its customers de-prioritize what doesn’t matter.

GreyNoise currently has more than 80 enterprise customers and over 15,000 registered free Community users. It is particularly valuable for enterprises that have a Security Operations Center (SOC) and run a SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) or SOAR (Security Operations Analytics and Reporting) platform. Information Security teams in the SOC are slammed, due to the number of incoming alerts they receive with insufficient context. Internet ”noise” triggers security tools to generate 1000’s of harmless events that need to be investigated. New vulnerabilities are being weaponized at an alarming rate, but there’s never enough time to do meaningful work. Alert fatigue causes missed threats and productivity issues, and ultimately leads to analyst churn.

GreyNoise provides SOC teams with the threat intelligence data they need to reduce the volume of noisy alerts, by helping SOC teams recognize events not worth their attention. Indicators in GreyNoise are likely associated with opportunistic internet scanning or common business services, not targeted threats. By sorting out “internet noise,” Security Teams can quickly prioritize emerging threats.

In addition, GreyNoise has proven especially worthwhile for Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP), who have a business model that revolves around triaging and analyzing high volumes of security alerts with human analysts. GreyNoise is used across all vertical markets, but is mission-critical within industries that have higher security requirements, like financial services, healthcare, and government. The company currently works with Airbus, Hurricane Labs,, and many other enterprise, education and governmental organizations.

How we are different

1. GreyNoise increases security analyst capacity. By suppressing noisy alerts, it enables security engineering teams to automatically enrich SIEM or SOAR events, and deprioritize alerts generated by common business services or benign IPs. On average, prospects who trial GreyNoise see that 20-40% of their alert traffic is noise, and some GreyNoise customers are seeing alert volume reductions of 25% or more.

2. GreyNoise allows security teams to see emerging threats faster. By reducing false positives, it empowers cyber threat intelligence teams to enrich indicators in their Threat Intelligence Platforms. This helps organizations reduce the risk and costs of compromise by seeing emerging threats faster and more clearly.

3. GreyNoise accelerates time to verdict. SOC analysts can manually triage noisy alerts much more quickly with GreyNoise context data, freeing up time for higher priority work. GreyNoise can also tell you if we see something crawling the web that belongs to you, your customers, or your partners, indicating a potential compromise. What’s more GreyNoise provides unique, early visibility into vulnerability checking and exploit attempts against newly announced CVEs, giving IR teams the lead time needed to mitigate risks, and vulnerability management teams the data they need to prioritize patching.