Group-IB Digital Forensic

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Company size (employees)500 to 999
Type of solutionService


Group-IB Digital Forensic is a single comprehensive solution, which provides:
· Mobile forensic
Mobile forensic systems to ensure that information for forensic examinations, initiated independently or by law enforcement agencies, is correctly seized and copied
· Clientless Malware Detection
Unique tools for detecting malware and traces of hacker attacks, including those within deleted and encrypted data
· Collection of digital evidence
Correctly collected and documented digital evidence forms the basis for further investigation or case preparation for court proceedings
Group-IB Digital Forensic examinations:
• We extract the maximum amount of useful information from objects under examination and interpret the collected evidence accurately and comprehensively.
• We guarantee that the opinions of our forensic specialists will be accepted by courts as adequate evidence for civil, administrative, and criminal proceedings.
• All the examinations are conducted within the time limits specified when the materials are submitted for analysis.
• Additional levels of evidence analysis: own world-class Threat Intelligence and cutting-edge technologies to investigate the tactics and infrastructure involved in attacks.
• High-tech equipment to search for malware at HDD firmware level. This helps reveal concealed sub partitions where malicious programs hide from formatting and other traditional methods of disk cleaning.
We examine malware while taking into consideration confidentiality requirements, for example by blocking any network interactions with harmful programs. We provide a comprehensive diagnosis and recommendations on further steps without additional risks.
The company has developed from a cyber detective agency and maintained a goal-oriented approach. We take responsibility for obtaining the data you need to pursue attackers and come out victorious in courts of law.
Our pool of data sources and proprietary investigational tools allow us to work on complex and knowledge-intensive cases.

How we are different

· Group-IB’s Threat Intelligence & Attribution is a state-of-the-art network that works in synergy with digital forensics. By juxtaposing evidence with the latest threat data, we speed up the research process and correlate cases with criminal profiles. This makes it possible to obtain some analysis results, such as preliminary malware data, within a few hours of the evidence being collected.
· Group-IB Digital Forensics and Incident Response team made more than 1200+ successful investigations around the globe. Our clients include banks, financial institutions, oil and gas companies, software and hardware vendors, telecommunications service providers, and FMCG brands from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Ecuador, Lebanon, the Russian Federation, the UK, and the USA.
· Group-IB products and services are recognized by top industry researchers — Gartner, IDC, Forrester. Above all, it is recommended by the Organization for Security and Co‑operation in Europe (OSCE). Group-IB is a member of the World Economic Forum and a partner of Interpol and Еuropol.