Group-IB Fraud Hunting Platform

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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)Group-IB
Company size (employees)500 to 999
Type of solutionSoftware

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• In addition to checking headers and frequency characteristics of requests to customer servers, Group-IB FHP Preventive Proxy provides: 1. user actions analysis, the characteristics of which in case of bot activity will be absent or different from human actions (the trajectory of the mouse, program clicks, etc.); 2.collecting browser, application and device parameters, the characteristics of which in case of bot activity will be absent or different from human actions (when using PhantomJS, Selenium, mobile device emulator, etc.); 3.checking the IP addresses and subnets from which requests come to the protected resource or mobile application - bot activity is often performed from subnets, in which legitimate users do not work, for example, from networks of hosting providers; 4. protecting the parameters of a real user session from being reused by bots, using patented protection technology.
• Group-IB Fraud Hunting Platform has been recognized by Gartner as a Representative Vendor of online fraud detection. Group-IB FHP bot defense technology is based on 33 Group-IB's own cutting-edge solutions and inventions, patented around the world.
• Group-IB Fraud Hunting Platform is highly recognized on the global market and has reached over 300 mln users worldwide.

Brief Overview

Preventive Proxy is one of the Group-IB Fraud Hunting Platform (FHP) modules that allows to analyze and apply policies to respond to bot activity – it detects automated tools for collecting data and performing actions on a protected resource.
Group-IB FHP Preventive Proxy is a policy-based module that is used to detect traffic type and to define actions related to specific bot detection. It either works on all incoming traffic or on individual requests.
After analyzing the device data and user behavior, Group-IB FHP can detect whether a specific request to the application API is generated by a bot or is the result of legitimate user activity.
Based on Group-IB’s FHP verdict, in real time Preventive Proxy can:
• Pass legitimate request
• Mark suspicious request
• Block malicious bot request
Group-IB FHP Preventive Proxy module protects web and mobile applications from various types of bot activity, including:
• Scraping – technology for obtaining data by extracting it from web resource pages;
• Brute force – hacking accounts and gaining access to data by brute forcing passwords;
• Credential stuffing – automated use of compromised pairs of username/email and password to gain unauthorized access to user accounts;
• DDoS on the application level (protection against “heavy” requests) – an attack on the servers of a web or mobile application to make it inaccessible to users;
• Theft of cookies – type of fraud that can be used to gain access to personal data of users;
• Mobile API attack – technology for obtaining non-public information from the server side of a web or mobile application;
• Unauthorized use of API – direct calls to the API or its use from third-party or spoofed mobile applications;
• Automation tools like Selenium, PhantomJS, etc. – tools for automating user actions.