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Company size (employees)10 to 49
Type of solutionService


GroupSense is an enterprise digital risk management company that delivers customer-specific intelligence to enterprise cybersecurity and fraud-management operations. As part of our services, GroupSense provides both machine- and human-based reconnaissance across the deep and dark webs, as well as the customer’s entire business ecosystem. GroupSense’s intelligence is processed and customized on the company’s Tracelight platform, and delivered to clients through a portal that delivers fully prioritized and actionable intelligence on current and potential threats. This information can be readily used by analysts to mitigate risk, or it can also be fed into SIEMs and other systems to dramatically improve their accuracy in threat and incident identification and response.

How we are different

-Unlike generic security feeds, GroupSense provides intelligence customized to each customer's risk profile.

-While other security feeds use automated tools, GroupSense also has a team of analysts providing human intelligence. They use "under cover" techniques used by law enforcement and national security organizations, so threat actors gain trust in the company's analysts and provide them with the information they need to protect clients.

- We understand that our thinly staffed customers don't need yet another product to manage, so we deliver finished intelligence that is ready to be fed into systems and incident response processes without requiring any additional processing by the customer.