GRSee Consulting | vCISO Program

Additional Info
Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionNorth America


GRSee Consulting’s vCISO program provides seasoned leader support in the cybersecurity space who understands your business closely and becomes an enabler of ease of business, and client relations & guides the company in a safer and stable work environment.

Performing cybersecurity & compliance activities can easily become chaos for the CEOs & CTOs when they have also to perform vital tasks which are responsible for the growth & sustenance of the company.

A vCISO is someone who resolves cybersecurity & compliance tasks off your desk effectively. They become a strategic partner & represent your company from a cybersecurity standpoint.

The core reason companies hire a vCISO via GRSee Consulting is the same as why companies get CFOs, COO & CTOs on board. They need a reliable & accomplished expert in each domain. Simply put, companies focused on growth relies on professionals who are expert in their domain & have the ability to execute what the business needs.

How we are different

- Saving critical time for leadership by sharing matured expertise & executing monthly, quarterly & yearly plans.

- Managing & mitigating risk factors while establishing a security posture of the business.

- Coordination of audits by regulators or even customers, handling questionnaires on behalf of the business.