GuardiCore Centra Security Platform

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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)GuardiCore
Company size (employees)50 to 99
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GuardiCore is the only converged security platform that fully covers all critical areas for securing east-west traffic: Visibility, Micro-Segmentation, Breach Detection, Automatic Analysis, Response. Process-level visibility provides monitoring and visualization of all applications and workloads down to process level. Micro-segmentation policy allows IT and security teams to define granular security policies between processes and monitors those policies for variations and suspicious activity. Dynamic, high-interaction deception interrogates, records, and monitors active attacker sessions, looking for malicious behavior and providing insights on attacker methods and spread. Automatic analysis enables security teams to prioritize security incidents requiring immediate response that would otherwise involve hours of human analysis using traditional tools, techniques. Automated response allows for real-time attack isolation and remediation of infected files and servers, thus stopping attack at initial stage.
Platform independence: GuardiCore provides consistent security controls to protect workloads in any hybrid cloud environments, spanning across on-premise workloads, VMs, containers and deployments in public cloud IaaS including AWS, Azure and GCP. .
Because GuardiCore Centra is a converged security platform offering multiple capabilities, organizations can reduce CapEx expenditures by eliminating the need for standalone products such as intrusion detection / prevention, deception, and micro-segmentation. Also, SaaS delivery ensures a predictable and consistent subscription price point, that only varies as organizations scale their cloud environments. Lastly, Cenra also reduces the overhead of IT personnel required for incident investigation, making OpEx costs associated with Centra lower and more predictable.

Brief Overview

Many organizations are moving to hybrid cloud infrastructure to achieve better agility, flexibility and cost-efficiency. GuardiCore was founded with the vision that security for the cloud must keep up with the rate of constant change while also closing the gap between traditional security technology and a sophisticated threat actor’s ingenuity.
With GuardiCore’s Centra Security Platform, IT teams can consistently secure workloads running in hybrid clouds with confidence. GuardiCore does this by providing a single, converged security platform that integrates the following critical controls for cloud workload protection: flow visualization, micro-segmentation, multi-method breach detection, automated analysis and response. Organizations reduce complexity of security management across any hybrid cloud infrastructure, eliminating the need for point products for different hybrid cloud environments. With real-time detection and response for data centers and clouds, Centra also gives IT security teams a permanent upper hand in detecting and thwarting sophisticated attacks within workloads – in minutes, not in months – potentially saving millions in irreparable and lasting damage and losses.
GuardiCore helps its customers to:
Detect and respond to breaches faster and more efficiently
Multiple detection methods centrally managed and distributed throughout workloads detect breaches faster, with comprehensive incident analysis and automated response.
In addition to helping customers detect breaches inside their data centers and clouds, GuardiCore also specializes in deception defense.
Deploy security and compliance controls deep inside the data center and cloud
Quickly define, monitor, and enforce micro-segmentation policies to isolate critical workloads, stop lateral movement and contain active breaches, all without impacting network or system performance
Maintain comprehensive visibility and security even during cloud migrations
Flexible architecture and support for hybrid and/or multi cloud architectures and tight integration with orchestration systems to ease policy definition and ensure security continuity across hybrid environments.