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Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionMiddle East

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GuardiCore is the only converged security platform that fully covers all critical areas for securing east-west traffic: Visibility, Micro-Segmentation, Breach Detection, Automatic Analysis, Response. Process-level visibility provides monitoring and visualization of all applications and workloads down to process level. Micro-segmentation policy allows IT and security teams to define granular security policies between processes and monitors those policies for variations and suspicious activity. Dynamic, high-interaction deception interrogates, records, and monitors active attacker sessions, looking for malicious behavior and providing insights on attacker methods and spread. Automatic analysis enables security teams to prioritize security incidents requiring immediate response that would otherwise involve hours of human analysis using traditional tools, techniques. Automated response allows for real-time attack isolation and remediation of infected files and servers, thus stopping attack at initial stage.
GuardiCore not only protects east-west data center traffic, but also focuses investigations only on genuinely suspicious activity, reducing false positives and dramatically cutting the time it takes to detect, identify and counteract all types of breaches.
Focused exclusively on breaches inside the data center, GuardiCore is the only security solution that provides a single, scalable platform that covers five critical capabilities for effective data center security: flow visualization, micro-segmentation, multi-method breach detection, automated analysis and response. Our goal is to give enterprises a permanent upper hand in detecting and thwarting sophisticated attacks within the data center – in minutes, not in months – potentially saving millions in damage and losses.

Brief Overview

GuardiCore is changing the way organizations fight cyber attacks in data centers and clouds. Until now, east-west traffic within data centers have been huge blind spots in the enterprise security infrastructure, making data centers and clouds vulnerable to attacks from inside or those that succeed in breaching perimeter defenses. GuardiCore eliminates this critical security gap.
Their flagship product, the GuardiCore Centra Security Platform, is specially designed for modern data centers and clouds, providing customers with real-time visibility, detection and response to active breaches. Its lightweight architecture scales easily to support the performance requirements of high-traffic environments, and supports virtually any type of data center architecture. The company’s unique, multi-method breach detection – based on patented dynamic deception, policy-based detection and reputation analysis – quickly identifies, investigates and thwarts confirmed attacks with pinpoint accuracy.
GuardiCore has received numerous awards and recognition for its contributions to modern security and has experience unstoppable momentum in company growth and expansion, increased sales and partnerships, and technology advancements and developments. The company was recently selected by one of the top three cloud service providers in the world to provide real-time information on threats targeting their cloud services network that other security measures have missed. The Centra Platform was also chosen by Santander, the world’s largest global finance institution, to deliver advanced security for their data center. GuardiCore was also recently selected by one of the top broadcasting and cable television providers in the world to protect critical infrastructure that supports delivery of some of its core services. All three key customer wins are Fortune 100 organizations.
GuardiCore delivers more accurate and effective ways to stop advanced threats through real-time breach detection and response to more customers than ever as demonstrated with our rate of customer growth now at more than 500% for the past 12 months.