Gurucul Next-Gen SIEM Dramatically Improves SOC Efficiency

Additional Info

Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionSoftware


Our platform analyzes enterprise data at scale using machine learning and artificial intelligence. Instead of useless alerts, you get real-time, actionable information about true threats. The platform is open, flexible and cloud native. It works with any data lake, cloud, or IT environment. Our dynamic pipelines and pre-built integrations make it easy to automatically ingest any data, structured or unstructured, from any source. Our analytics engine is the secret sauce. We have more than 2,500 pre-tuned machine learning models that can be chained together to cross-validate data and derive context around risk. The models are easily customizable with a wizard-driven GUI. You don’t have to be a data scientist to modify or create them. We use a simple 0-100 risk score model that is open and customizable, so when we issue an alert, it’s worthy of investigation. Our pre-built and customizable playbooks speed up your response. Our platform is really different from the rest because it conforms to your business requirements so you don’t have to compromise.
The platform’s open, flexible design and cutting-edge features are unlike legacy systems.
In fact, Gurucul was positioned furthest to the right as a Visionary Leader in the 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant for SIEM. In addition, Gurucul ranked in the Top 3 for all SIEM Use Cases in the 2022 Gartner Critical Capabilities for SIEM.

Finally, Gurucul’s SIEM is built to scale with many customers that have over 250,000 employees. One health insurance customer uses Gurucul to analyze 8 million identities and 500 big data nodes.

Key Capabilities / Features

Gurucul Next-Gen SIEM includes key features such as a cutting-edge lightweight SaaS architecture with cloud elasticity and predictable costs, real-time threat detection, the industry’s most advanced data science powered ML behavior analytics, and the market’s largest most diverse security content library. Furthermore, its advanced and intuitive UX provides contextual investigation and intelligent timeline views and risk-based responses. This protects existing IT investments, eliminates data duplication, and reduces storage fees.

Gurucul provides out-of-the-box simplicity and ultimate customizability of threat indicators / IOCs with standard security frameworks including MITRE, NIST Security Framework, Cyber kill chain, and the ability to create / map IOCs to custom categories so SOC teams can detect, investigate, and respond to threats in seconds.

How we are different

Gurucul Risk Analytics (GRA) is the core of Gurucul’s security analytics platform. It delivers a comprehensive set of correlation rules and ML models OOTB, which are pre-configured/pre-packaged to use different vendor solutions logs including OS platforms, cloud platforms, firewalls, VPN, etc.

Intuitive web UI to create custom correlation rules and ML models without requiring involvement from data science/development teams (no black box). Gurucul also provides OOTB mapping and alignment of threat indicators / IOCs with standard security frameworks including MITRE, NIST Security Framework, Cyber kill chain, and the ability to create / map IOCs to custom categories.

Reduces false positives: With its unique approach, Gurucul's Next-Gen SIEM minimizes the number of false positives, enabling security teams to focus on real threats and improve incident response.