HARMAN’s ECUSHIELD – the first approved and comprehensive automotive cyber security solution, for the connected and the autonomous car.

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Company size (employees)29,000
Type of solutionSoftware


HARMAN’s pioneering cyber security solutions for the automotive industry are being developed using the latest security practices, including SAE J3061, Auto-ISAC’s and NHTSA’s Cyber Security Best Practices for Modern Vehicles documents. ECUSHIELD and TCUSHIELD are the first approved cyber security products for the automotive industry, which can also be retrofitted to existing systems, crucially with no additional hardware costs. The Alerts Monitor cyber security product can be easily integrated to any SOC/SIEM backend solution, providing valuable insights into fleet management software and other dashboard solutions.

HARMAN’s solutions are hardware-agnostic and provide full, real-time Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDS) capabilities regardless of connectivity. HARMAN has placed significant emphasis on cyber security protective measures for the connected and autonomous vehicles, acquiring leading cyber security specialist TowerSec in January 2016 and its solutions are currently being adopted by global car manufacturers.

Frost & Sullivan, Red Herring and the North American Auto Show have all recognized HARMAN’s cyber security solutions as an industry leader, approved for automotive integration.

Benefits of the solution:
1. The first end-to-end cyber security solution for connected cars, autonomous cars and IoT devices, approved for automotive integration
2. Real-time intrusion detection & prevention solution (IDPS) against cyber attacks
3. Independent and automotive-hardware agnostic – providing full IDPS capabilities regardless of connectivity/cloud
4. Seamless integration to any SIEM/SOC backend solution
5. Ranked #1 at North America manufactures’ evaluations
6. Currently adopted by global car manufacturers worldwide and recognized by Frost & Sullivan and Red Herring as an industry leading solution.

How we are different

1. The only automotive cyber security solution on the market which allows for real-time detection and mitigation of cyber attacks
2. HARMAN’s cyber security solutions can be retrofitted to existing vehicles, with no additional investments in hardware
3. Ranked #1 at North America manufactures’ evaluations.