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Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionNorth America


At the heart of Haystax’s mission to “prioritize the world’s risks” is a revolutionary analytics approach that addresses any complex physical- or cyber-security challenge where analysts are drowning in data or decision-makers lack the actionable intelligence to make critical decisions quickly and with confidence.

The Haystax team invented a new way of capturing and representing expert knowledge in a probabilistic model that can ‘reason’ on diverse data sources in real time to identify risks. In operationalizing this approach — on which we hold more than half a dozen patents — Haystax has emerged as a leader in the next wave of security analytics innovations. Our fully configurable products address a diverse array of complex challenges that organizations confront every day.

The company’s early business model was centered around protecting critical infrastructure for federal and state agencies. Since then, Haystax has broadened its focus to include banking, healthcare and other sectors, in mission areas as diverse as insider threat mitigation, cyber fraud prevention, continuous evaluation of cleared personnel, terrorism threat assessments, critical infrastructure protection, incident management and situational awareness. As retired Joint Chiefs Chairman and former Haystax Advisory Board Chairman Gen. Peter Pace put it: “Haystax’s security analytics platform… scales to new challenges and domains as they arise in today’s world of increasingly complex and sophisticated cyber threats.”

Although Haystax has been in business for more than two decades, we maintain the mentality of a start-up — centered around agile and iterative development, rapid response in pursuing new markets and a laser focus on listening to customers.

Through it all we have maintained a set of guiding principles that every team member identifies with every day. Among them are:
– The product is greater than the company, which is greater than the individual.
– Our customers are long-term trusted partners.
– We make our users badass.

How we are different

Haystax is:

1) The first company to use probabilistic models augmented with machine learning and other artificial intelligence techniques to predict complex threats and prioritize risks, employing a uniquely powerful joint team of data scientists, Bayesian modelers, software engineers and cybersecurity risk-management experts.

2) The best company for solving those classes of hard problems for which ‘big data’ approaches are ineffective or do not scale well, and that is flexible enough to adapt to new and evolving threats. This is highly differentiated from conventional data-driven solutions, which only see threats tied to a specific data source and often generate excessive alerts that are resource-intensive to verify.

3) The only company with a patented analytic approach that turns human judgment into software that continuously evaluates and proactively alerts decision-makers to threats, in real time and at scale. Most importantly, our mission-focused products span physical- and cyber-security risk — a critically convergence given how today’s advanced persistent threats often transcend the two realms.