Haystax for Critical Infrastructure Protection

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Company size (employees)50 to 99
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


Security agencies responsible for protecting critical infrastructure often must operate with incomplete information on their valued assets, even while having to respond to a variety of incidents and natural hazards with little or no warning.

Haystax for Critical Infrastructure Protection enables state and local agencies to maintain a detailed understanding of their key facilities, systems and populations, and to dynamically manage all-hazard risk around those assets using a wide range of data sources — all within a single shared risk-management ecosystem.

CIKR awareness is achieved using the Assets app, which provides a unified environment for managing data on assets across any CIKR sector. Users can instantly access photos, addresses, contact details, floor plans, emergency plans and more from one screen. They can perform security, vulnerability, fire pre-planning, HAZMAT, SWAT and other assessments using our Assessments app. And because all CIKR information is geo-tagged, it can be viewed in our Map app.

Whether the CIKR risk is from accidental or deliberate acts, or from natural hazards such as earthquakes, floods or wildfires, the Haystax solution provides the most effective way to prepare for, prevent and respond to any adverse event. Our threat models predictively analyze risk, and our mobile alerting apps allow a wide array of reports to be entered by any connected user. This data can be supplemented with third-party sources like CAD calls, weather/traffic data, news reports, sensor/alarm alerts and live camera feeds.

The Haystax platform provides comprehensive CIKR awareness on any device. Deployed personnel can submit suspicious activity reports and incident updates from their smart-phones. Safety assessors can capture facility data and geo-located photos on any mobile device. And because our platform is deployed in the cloud, all information can be shared instantaneously and securely with authorized users in other jurisdictions and partner networks.

How we are different

Haystax for Critical Infrastructure Protection is:

1) The first integrated software suite for predictively assessing infrastructure risk, based on regularly updated asset, population and economic data, plus vulnerability assessments and threat likelihood analyses.

2) The best off-the-shelf software for total domain awareness and rapid information sharing across multiple agency jurisdictions and broad geographic areas.

3) The only solution that combines probabilistic risk modeling, asset prioritization and threat analysis in a single integrated platform.